Telcoin DeFi platform suffers $1.3M crypto asset loss in exploit


  • Telcoin’s app froze after an exploit, causing a $1.3 million crypto asset loss.
  • Telcoin token (TEL) dropped 42%, with a slight recovery, and surged in trading volume.
  • Users are concerned about security, while Telcoin investigates and aims to rebuild trust.

Telcoin, a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, has suspended its app operations following an exploit that resulted in the loss of approximately $1.3 million worth of crypto assets. The incident has raised concerns among investors and the broader cryptocurrency community.

Suspension of Telcoin app operations

Late yesterday, Telcoin users began reporting issues with the platform’s app. Concerns were initially raised through social media posts, prompting Telcoin’s team to respond. In an official tweet, the team acknowledged the situation and stated,

“We are aware of the situation with the Telcoin App. We have temporarily frozen use of the app while we look into the issue and will provide an update as soon as we can.”

The tweet did not provide specific details about the nature of the problem, leaving users to speculate that the platform had been hacked.

Subsequently, cybersecurity firm PeckShield confirmed that Telcoin had indeed suffered an exploit that resulted in the loss of approximately $1.3 million worth of crypto assets. The firm’s announcement further fueled concerns and uncertainty among Telcoin investors.

While PeckShield confirmed the exploit, it did not disclose specific details regarding how the attack was carried out or which cryptocurrencies were stolen from the platform.

Telcoin Token (TEL) suffers sharp decline

In the aftermath of the exploit revelation, Telcoin’s native token, TEL, experienced a sharp decline in value. Within a 24-hour period, TEL’s value plummeted by 42%. This significant drop occurred during the late hours of the Christmas holiday but was followed by a slight recovery before the token’s value slumped once more.

At the time of reporting, TEL was trading at $0.001192 per token. Additionally, the trading volume for TEL saw a substantial increase, surging by 2775% and recording over $28 million in trades within the same time frame.

The exploit and subsequent suspension of the Telcoin app have left many investors and users of the platform concerned and uncertain about the security of their assets. The lack of specific information about the nature of the attack and the cryptocurrencies affected has only added to the anxiety.

Response and next steps

Telcoin’s team has not provided a detailed roadmap for addressing the exploit and the loss of crypto assets. However, it is expected that the platform will conduct a thorough investigation into the incident to determine the extent of the damage and the vulnerabilities that were exploited.

Additionally, Telcoin may consider implementing enhanced security measures to prevent similar incidents in the future and to rebuild trust among its user base.

The incident has not only affected Telcoin but also had broader implications on the cryptocurrency market. Concerns about security and the potential for similar exploits in the DeFi sector have led to increased caution among investors, resulting in a negative sentiment across various crypto assets.

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