Memes and environmental activism: Virginia Salas Kastilio dares Elon Musk to tea in space

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    • Tea muse Virginia Salas Kastilio challenges Elon Musk to join her for a tea party in space.

    • She was named one of Inc. Magazine’s Top 27 Women to Change the World.

    • Virginia hopes to leverage the creativity memes to inspire action and drive positive change.

Tea muse, Virginia Salas Kastilio has issued a bold challenge to Elon Musk: join her for a tea party in space, plant 11 billion trees, repair the ozone layer & clean every river on Earth. 

Tea muse Virginia Salas Kastilio

Who is Virginia Salas Kastilio? Virginia is not only an acclaimed speaker, serial entrepreneur, and environmentalist, but also a tea muse, renowned for her efforts to drive global change. She is the founder of Humans I Trust & Crypto Love. CMO of Veme & Shareholder of Earth Wallet. She was named one of Inc. Magazine’s Top 27 Women to Change the World & Top 16 Women in the NFT space. 


In an exclusive with Cryptopolitan, Virginia revealed that the idea of having tea with Elon in space was a ‘divine download’ and that he is the person who has the most influence and ability to create change in the world. Virginia knows that by getting Elon onboard, they can draw the world’s attention to their global tree-planting and river-cleaning initiative.

Virginia mentioned that this campaign would incorporate a Tea Quest, which, unlike other initiatives, includes a fun meme angle. The quest winner will be the one who gets the most retweets on their viral post using these three hashtags: #giniandelon #teainspace #tea.

The outlandish proposal is gaining traction and momentum on social media. On X, previously Twitter, the #teainspace is intended to draw Elon’s attention. 


The space flight, dubbed ‘Elon & Gini Space Tea Party,’ will be community-funded and facilitated by Space Perspective. The spaceship, Neptune, is the first carbon-neutral human spaceflight ship. According to Virginia, the initiative symbolized the power of human imagination and innovation in inspiring people to think differently about tackling environmental challenges.

Memes in empowering Elon and Gini’s flight to space

The viral nature of memes makes it incredibly easy to spread ideas first. Virginia hopes to inspire the world with storytelling, generosity & play. While the entire idea may sound complex, memes are known to distill content into easily digestible and shareable content. Virginia hopes to leverage the playfulness and creativity memes inspire to create a call to action and drive positive change in a way that conventional methods often cannot. Nothing can stop a meme once started. 

Why Elon Musk?

While famous for his involvement and ownership of high-profile technology companies, Elon has also invested tremendously in several environmental causes and previously made a call out to donate 1 billion dollars to anyone who could solve our Earth’s environmental wellbeing. 

#giniandelon in space

Some of Elon’s recent initiatives include a plan to combat water shortage, which he shared at the 10th World Water Forum in Bali, Indonesia. He also has a $100 million prize pool for the best carbon capture technology, and a long-term goal to make humans a multiplanetary species. 

Individual and community support

By press time, Virginia had not received a response from Elon; however, she acknowledged rising interest from influential figures in the tech and crypto space. The community’s response was also positive.

Virginia acknowledges support from Amna Banihashem, a well-known advocate for environmental efforts; Dollar Donation Club, which is helping to plant trees; Sungai Watch, which is cleaning waterways; Earth Luv, which is bringing the entire campaign together; and ChaTea who together are throwing a tea party in Bali for community members.

The community is contributing by helping to spread awareness and tweeting to @elonmusk to help start this outer space tree planting tea party.

Virginia’s vision is a future where people live harmoniously with nature, fostering a regenerative and sustainable planet. Tea in space is one of Virginia’s ideas for how to bring those with the power to create the change, to sit at the table.

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