Taiwan’s Top Tech Startup Teams Ready to Shine at Web Summit 2023


  • Taiwan’s elite startup teams are set to shine at Web Summit 2023, showcasing innovation in AI, automation, and digital trust.
  • Startups like AIPLUX and EMILY.RPA is revolutionizing industries with cutting-edge technology solutions.
  • Web Summit 2023: A global stage for Taiwan’s tech talent to collaborate and make a mark in the international arena.

In the midst of a decade characterized by change and uncertainty, technology industries are rapidly evolving, driven by cutting-edge topics such as AI, blockchain, and virtual reality integration. This era has also witnessed the rise of entrepreneurial talent from around the world, pushing the boundaries of technology applications on the global stage. Just like Silicon Valley in North America, the United Kingdom, Canada, and France, Taiwan has become a thriving hub for innovation and technology, thanks to its concentrated research and development clusters and production capabilities. However, for startups to truly scale, accessing international resources and networks is crucial. The Taiwanese government has recognized this need and played a pivotal role in supporting startups on their global journey.

G camp: Cultivating global ambitions

The Small and Medium Enterprise and Startup Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan has launched the “G Camp” program. Its primary goal is to empower Taiwanese startups with the resources they need for global expansion. After a year of intensive training, the program has selected 8 elite teams, which are set to participate in Web Summit 2023, Europe’s largest technology conference from November 14 to 16. These teams are geared up to showcase Taiwan’s startup technologies and market potential through physical exhibitions, and the event provides an invaluable networking opportunity for professionals in related fields.

Meet the elite teams: A glimpse into Taiwan’s startup prowess

Here are brief introductions to some of the elite teams representing Taiwan at Web Summit 2023:

AIPLUX: Revolutionizing the IP industry with AI

AIPLUX Technology Co., Ltd. aims to simplify the challenging and time-consuming trademark application process by leveraging AI. Their one-stop IP protection platform incorporates generative AI and a real-time IP database, providing cross-border trademark and patent application analysis. They are rapidly expanding their influence globally and collaborating with major IP firms in Europe.

EMILY.RPA: The future of office automation

EMILY.RPA by BILINK CORP. has developed a next-generation process automation robot that combines browser automation with generative AI. It can automate various tasks on computers, from web operations to ERP/CRM system automation, making it a game-changer for office automation. They are targeting high-paying and labor-shortage markets worldwide.

FaceHeart CorpInc.: Pioneering smart healthcare

FaceHeart CorpInc. has created FaceHeart Vitals™ SDK, a software-based solution for image recognition of physiological signals using AI learning technology. Their technology allows users to measure vital signs, such as heart rate and blood pressure, using a smartphone’s camera, bringing smart healthcare to life. They are looking to collaborate with European and American digital healthcare providers.

Lypid Taiwan Co., Ltd.: Delicious low-carbon diets

Lypid Taiwan Co., Ltd. focuses on developing low-carbon diets. They have created PhytoFat™, a plant-based fat that enhances the taste and juiciness of plant-based foods. Their plant-based bacon products have already gained traction in Taiwan and the United States, and they aim to expand further into the European market.

Numbers protocol: Preserving digital integrity

Numbers Protocol provides content verification solutions for AI services and creative platforms. Using blockchain and AI technologies, they add annotations and traceability to digital data, ensuring the integrity of digital content. Their solutions have garnered interest from non-profit organizations, mainstream media, and criminal evidence preservation agencies.

Slasify Pte. Ltd.: Changing global labor models

Slasify Pte. Ltd. offers a one-stop platform for Employer of Record (EoR) and Global Payroll services, enabling global employers to hire remote workers efficiently and compliantly. Their services have become increasingly relevant in the era of remote work and have gained popularity in Asian markets.

TURING CHAIN LIMITED: Building digital trust with blockchain

TURING CHAIN LIMITED uses blockchain technology to create Turing Certs, a cross-border digital identity platform. It permanently preserves important document credentials, enhancing security and simplifying identity and credential verification. They aim to expand internationally and become the foundation of global trust transmission.

VMFi Inc.: Real-time AI speech translation

VMFi Inc. provides high-speed, real-time AI speech translation services using 5G, AI, and language data. Their solutions break down language barriers and find applications in various industries, from exhibitions and conferences to foreign language education. They plan to expand into the European market with a focus on French, German, and Spanish languages.

Web summit 2023: Taiwan’s global tech showcase

With these innovative and ambitious teams representing Taiwan, Web Summit 2023 promises to be a platform where groundbreaking technologies, entrepreneurship, and global collaboration come together. These startups are poised to demonstrate Taiwan’s capabilities in AI, automation, healthcare, sustainability, digital trust, and language translation on the international stage. As they seek partnerships and investments, they aim to shape the future of technology and make a lasting impact on the global tech landscape.

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