Justin Sun announces airdrop after HTX, Poloniex hacks

Justin Sun

In the wake of significant cybersecurity breaches affecting HTX and Poloniex, Justin Sun, a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency world, has declared an “epic airdrop” for users with assets on these platforms. This initiative forms part of a comprehensive strategy to alleviate the financial distress caused by the recent security incidents. Response to recent hacks […]

Justin Sun: Poloniex hacker’s identity has been confirmed

Justin Sun: Poloniex hacker's identity has been confirmed

Poloniex exchange, victim to a staggering $114 million hack, is now at a crucial juncture. Justin Sun, the founder of Tron (TRX), Poloniex, and a key figure in the crypto community, has recently announced a significant breakthrough. The identity of the hacker behind the notorious Poloniex heist has been confirmed, bringing a new chapter to […]

Multinational efforts to recover $100 million stolen from Poloniex


In a recent development regarding the $100 million hack of the cryptocurrency exchange platform Poloniex, significant progress has been made in tracking down the stolen funds. The blockchain security and analytics company PeckShield announced these developments in a recent post, revealing that the hacker responsible for the theft has been identified. Additionally, authorities from China, […]

Justin Sun’s Poloniex hacked for over $100 million

DEUS Finance

In a significant blow to the cryptocurrency community, Poloniex, the exchange led by blockchain luminary Justin Sun, has fallen victim to a cyber heist with losses potentially exceeding $100 million. The breach, which targeted a specific exchange wallet, has sent shockwaves through the sector, raising concerns over the security mechanisms of even the most reputed […]

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