Lido Finance reassures investors amid security flaw concerns in LDO token contract

Lido Finance Reassures Investors Amid Security Flaw Concerns in LDO Token Contract

Ethereum staking protocol Lido Finance has publicly acknowledged a known security flaw in its LDO token contract. The announcement came in response to a September 10 post by blockchain security firm SlowMist, which highlighted the vulnerability that could potentially enable “fake deposit” attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges, Cryptopolitan reported.  Despite the concerns, Lido Finance reassured investors […]

Lido Finance on Solana seeks $1.5 million in funding to sustain operations and growth

Is Lido DAO’s staking dominance a silent threat to Ethereum’s decentralization?

In a pivotal move, the P2P team managing Lido Finance’s deployment on Solana has submitted a funding proposal to the Lido DAO community. The team seeks $1.5 million over the next 12 months to sustain and grow the project, thereby avoiding the potential cessation of operations. Lido Finance’s comprehensive funding proposal The funding proposal outlines […]

Here’s Why Ethereum could dump on May 15th – Lido Finance’s V2 upgrade


The Ethereum Network has undergone multiple changes and upgrades in recent years, all leading to a Proof of Stake (PoS) system. According to market analysts and on-chain data, Ethereum might experience serious pressure on the price in the near future. ETH’s price has been volatile the last couple of days, all stemming from the recent […]

Lido Finance implements drastic measures to curb unprecedented Ether staking surge

Grayscale Investments ramps up DeFi interest  with Lido addition

Lido Finance, a liquid staking protocol, recently activated a protocol safety feature called “staking rate limit” after over 150,000 Ether (ETH) was staked with the protocol in just one day. Lido offers users an innovative way of staking Ether without requiring their tokens to be locked away. When users deposit ETH, Lido issues them with […]

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