Mysterious Bitcoin whale sparks speculations with over $450M in a wallet- Who is it? 


Shrouded in secrecy and speculation, a mysterious Bitcoin whale has emerged with a wallet boasting an astonishing sum exceeding $450 million in Bitcoin holdings. The identity of this elusive figure remains veiled in mystery, prompting widespread curiosity and conjecture within the digital currency ecosystem. Who is behind this substantial accumulation of Bitcoin, and what motivations […]

How Do You Pick The Best Ravencoin Wallet?

Best ravencoin wallets

With the plethora of crypto wallets on the market, it can quickly become a daunting task for beginners to pick out the best Ravencoin wallets. One of the many suitable wallets for this crypto is developed by the Ravencoin development team to enable users to hold their coins safely and securely. If you’re interested in […]

Do You Need a Cold Wallet?

Cold wallet

When it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies, the main school of thought is how to keep your assets safe. There are numerous options for doing that, but storing your assets in a cold (offline) wallet is the best way to do it. This guide will help you understand exactly why you need a cold wallet. […]

Best Cold Crypto Wallets (Top Picks for 2023)

Best cold crypto wallets

So, you have heard a lot about cryptocurrencies, have done your research, and think it’s time to invest. Before you buy any asset, one of the first things you want to get is a storage facility, just like you would do with fiat money (take it to the bank or somewhere safe). In this case, […]

20 Best Crypto Wallets in 2023: Why You Need One Now

best crypto wallets

Crypto wallets are used to store, buy and sell digital currency. Wallets might be hardware, software, an app, or the cloud. Many crypto users prefer non-custodial wallets since they allow the management of their own private data. With a non-custodial wallet, you don’t have to trust a third party with your private keys. The bankruptcy […]

Monero Wallets Review: Best Security For Your Crypto in 2023

Monero XMR Wallet Review

The advent of cryptocurrencies brought about reliability, trust, and convenience in the money realm. People could now rely on their computing devices to make payments and send or receive money. And this would happen without doubt of compromise, stolen data, and the assurance of a cryptographically secured protocol.  This Monero Wallet Review aims to review […]

Trust wallet’s new integration enables cross-chain crypto swaps

Trust wallets newest integration enables crosschain crypto swaps

Trust wallet has now integrated THORchain’s technology to enable cross-chain crypto swaps in the app. The feature will eliminate the need to use fiat onramps or complicated cross-chain swaps to complete swaps across blockchains and at zero fees. THORchain is a decentralized cross-chain liquidity provider open to any person, product, or institution. The platform boasts […]

How to Connect Trust Wallet to Pancakeswap

connect trust wallet to pancakeswap

Cryptocurrency is reshaping the current economy in ways that have never been seen before, and it is predicted that it will eventually replace the physical money exchange system. With their peer-to-peer and encrypted transaction methods, cryptocurrencies have largely benefited from people’s constant need to secure their money. One prescribed way is to connect Trust Wallet […]

What Apps Support Dogecoin Wallets?

dogecoin wallets

The cryptocurrency world has become the talk of the town as it has garnered an excellent attention through its significant return on investment (ROI) and futuristic vision. Since its inception, the crypto space has revolved around leading crypto projects, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, but the advent of several overwhelming memecoins and altcoins has forced the […]

Best Algorand Wallets: New 2022 Features & More

Algorand CEO confirms Coinbase's discontinuation of ALGO staking rewards for retail customers

As the world of cryptocurrencies continues to evolve, so do the options available when it comes to wallets. If you’re looking to store your Algorand (ALGO) tokens securely, you’ll need to find the best Algorand wallets that support the coin. Security is one of the most important factors to consider from other coins when choosing […]

Best Terra Luna Wallets: What Features Suit You?

best terra luna wallets

There are many different wallets available in the crypto space – from hot wallets (software) to cold wallets (hardware) to paper wallets, each with its pros and cons. Your wallet choice will depend on your needs and the type of token you possess. If you’re looking for the best Terra Luna wallets for your LUNA […]

Best Litecoin Wallets: Security, Ease of Use, Features, and Price

litecoin wallet

There are many different types of wallets that you can use to store your Litecoins. Some are online wallets, some are offline wallets, and others are hardware wallets. You need to choose a wallet that best suits your needs. Some factors to consider when choosing a Litecoin wallet include security, ease of use, features, and […]

How to Stake Monsterra Tokens: Fun Way to Earn

how to stake monsterra

Monsterra  NFT Gaming platform is a multi-chain game developed on both the BSC and Terra networks based on the Axie Infinity pet world and Clash of Clans/Boom Beach gameplay from Supercell. Monsterra is a fantasy role-playing game set in an invented world where citizens farm, develop a property, and wage war against other countries with […]

How to Stake Chainlink

stake chainlink

Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that provides reliable, tamper-proof inputs and outputs for complex smart contracts on any blockchain. Any dApp can be brought online as a data source for the Oracles by connecting to live data feeds through each oracle. Unlike a single oracle, oracles in a network ensure that data feeds are […]

How to Stake Shiba Inu on Metamask


Shiba Inu is an ERC20 meme coin on the Ethereum chain with a thriving ecosystem. Shiba Inu was first listed on the Shiba swap, and today, it can be found on many top-tier crypto exchanges. Knowing how to stake Shiba Inu will protect your crypto investment during volatile times and help you earn from passive […]

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