Survey reveals where European professionals are investing their digital assets

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  • Cointelegraph conducted a study on European professionals’ views on digital assets.
  • 36 percent have funded blockchain assets.
  • Bitcoin and Ethereum remain the dominant cryptocurrencies.

Cointelegraph Research conducted a study to discover European professional traders’ attitudes towards digital assets. The 70+ page report entitled Discovering Institutional Demand for Digital Assets underlines the popular coins among affluent traders and the ones they intend to obtain in the future. The report, which was penned by eight authors in four countries, focuses on the German-speaking areas.

The study reveals that 36 percent of European professionals have bought into blockchain resources. The participants have over six billion worth of blockchain investments, which is around two percent of the digital asset market capitalization.  Out of the 64 percent that has not ploughed in, roughly 39 percent of European professionals plan to do so in the future. Amongst these 39 percent, security tokens were the most favoured compared to Ethereum and other coins.

Bitcoin and Ethereum remain the chief cryptocurrencies, with approximately 88 percent and 75 percent having put money into these cryptocurrencies, respectively. The research also shows that boutique wealth management businesses have a greater chance of funding digital assets than sizeable financial services, namely banks and pension funds.

European professionals in Germany and Switzerland

The German-speaking district is among the foremost centres of the blockchain revolution, owing to investment capital and banking access for blockchain firms. It has about 5.5 million prospective digital asset retail traders. Germany’s commerce for retail investment is more than 14 billion worth of US dollars, crowning it Europe’s largest market for retail investment in the digital asset field. Germany is mostly engrossed with Bitcoin while Etheruem is gaining Switzerland’s interest.

Switzerland has a lower number of probable cryptocurrency traders. However, skilful Swiss traders may be more inclined to digital assets than their German fellows and the Swiss hosts several crypto banks, which the U.S has not yet achieved.

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