Blockchain technology streamlines Coke supply chain cross-organization

supply chain cross organization

The partner of Coca-Cola, CONA (Coke One North America), will make use of blockchain technology to increase the company’s supply chain cross-organization.

Supply chain cross-organization will be boosted as the beverage company Coca-Cola adopts blockchain technology to work on the baseline protocol.

With this move, the partner of the beverage making company will increase the usage of the technology across all processes in the company. Coca-Cola is also known by the short name Coke, a global favorite beverage.

It should be noted that blockchain technology has often been used in sectors in the economy, aside from the financial sector for which it was originally intended.

Coca-cola aims to improve supply-chain cross-organization as it adopts blockchain technology

Talking about how services will be carried out, CONA affirmed that it aims to make a stress free connection between suppliers of bottles internally and the external providers of raw materials.

To make the project achievable, the firm noted that it would employ the technology accounting company’s services, Unibright, to introduce the Baseline protocols. 

Taking about their involvement, Unibright noted that thy are delighted to partner with CONA to widen their use of blockchain technology across their supply chain cross-organization.

Twelve biggest Coca-Cola bottlers across North America had adopted the use of the Hyperledger fabric-based blockchain platform last year. Coca-Cola will use blockchain technology to provide transparent relationships between internal service providers and efficient work rate.

The Hyperledger fabric is an implementation of blockchain technology and offers a modular architecture that allows pluggable implementations of various functions including membership services, consensus, and smart contracts.

The new project would be created on the Ethereum blockchain

The Company has announced that it will base the new project on the Mainnet, an Ethereum-based blockchain because they aim to create a secure distribution network.

The founder and developer of Baseline protocol said the system aims to improve consistency amongst network while initiating the zero-knowledge concept.

The Baseline protocol was launched in March this year by Consensys and other high-profile companies.

The result of the test carried out on the protocol will be expected to return around the last months of this year. With Unibrights involvement, they will aim to show that regular businesses around the world can use zero-knowledge tests.

With the news that Coca-Cola adopts blockchain technology, they would boast one of the best efficient supply chain cross-organization.

Kamsi King

Kamsi King

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