Super Bowl sees decline in crypto ads following FTX fallout


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  • Crypto companies are avoiding Super Bowl ads due to caution after FTX’s fall.
  • Regulatory hurdles and market shifts prompt a rethink of ad strategies.
  • Innovative NFT promotions persist despite reduced traditional advertising.

The Super Bowl, traditionally a bastion for lavish advertisements, is witnessing a notable absence of cryptocurrency ads this year. This shift starkly contrasts the previous year’s crypto-heavy advertising, highlighting the industry’s cautious stance following the tumultuous collapse of FTX.

A new approach to marketing

Coinbase, which captured attention with its QR code ad in 2022, remains ambiguous about its advertising plans for this year’s Super Bowl. This uncertainty is echoed across the board, with significant players like Kraken and investment giants such as BlackRock and Grayscale also opting out of the advertising frenzy. This collective withdrawal is not merely a strategic realignment but a direct consequence of the fallout from FTX’s implosion, which has led to a reevaluation of marketing investments against a backdrop of legal battles and heightened regulatory scrutiny.

The downfall of FTX and the ensuing legal entanglements for celebrities associated with its Super Bowl ads last year sent ripples through the industry. The saga of FTX, once a beacon of crypto marketing prowess at the Super Bowl, has now become a cautionary tale highlighting the unpredictability and inherent risks of the cryptocurrency market.

Facing regulatory headwinds and changing market sentiments

The crypto market is navigating a maze of regulatory challenges, with Coinbase fighting allegations from the SEC regarding its operational practices. This legal skirmish indicates the regulatory tightrope that crypto firms are walking on, making allocating substantial funds toward Super Bowl ads a less appealing proposition.

Moreover, the market’s vibrancy during the 2021 bull run has dimmed, with the industry’s valuation taking a hit post-FTX collapse. This has prompted a more judicious approach to marketing expenditures, especially on platforms as expensive and high-profile as the Super Bowl. The industry’s pivot reflects a strategic introspection, aiming for stability and compliance over the allure of mainstream visibility.

Creative engagement beyond traditional Ads

However, the narrative is not solely one of retreat. Certain crypto and Web3 entities are finding inventive ways to connect with their audience, sidestepping the conventional ad blitz. For instance, Dapper Labs is engaging football fans with NFT drops celebrating NFL legends, illustrating that the crypto sector continues to explore new avenues for promotion and engagement beyond the glitzy commercials.

The crypto industry’s subdued presence at this year’s Super Bowl showcases its current state of flux, marked by a reassessment of marketing strategies amid ongoing legal challenges and a broader market recalibration. Despite this, the sector’s innovative spirit remains undeterred, signaling a resilience and adaptability that could well define its path forward. This period of reflection may very well set the stage for a more robust and conscientious crypto ecosystem in the future.

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