Unlocking Marketing Success in 2024: Must-Know AI Tips from HubSpot’s AIMS Team


  • AI in marketing boosts engagement by 38%, but success demands specific prompts and intentional integration with human creativity.
  • Test AI tools wisely; HubSpot’s CTO urges marketers to explore evolving AI capabilities for improved campaign performance.
  • Brand safety is vital in the AI era; marketers should navigate data privacy, source verification, and ethical considerations with transparency.

In the dynamic realm of AI, crafting effective prompts is pivotal for success. Matt Wolfe, an AI reporter and analyst, stresses the importance of specificity and goal-oriented prompts. For instance, transforming a generic request into a refined prompt involves defining clear intentions, considering context and persona, and envisioning the desired output. A concrete illustration of this approach involves upgrading a generic prompt for a blog post into a detailed, AI-ready masterpiece.

Developing an AI workflow

Once mastered, AI prompts open the door to a transformative workflow. A day in the life of an AI-enabled marketer involves leveraging AI at various stages, from summarizing performance metrics and generating email subject lines to organizing customer feedback and developing blog post titles. The integration of AI-driven audience segmentation and retrieval augmented generation (RAG) techniques can lead to significant improvements, as demonstrated by a 38% lift in click-through rates achieved through AI-personalized email campaigns.

Testing AI tools

HubSpot’s AI Marketing Report reveals a notable increase in the adoption of AI and automation among marketers. Dharmesh Shah, HubSpot’s CTO, emphasizes the rapid evolution of AI and encourages marketers to test its capabilities. With breakthroughs like web-browsing capabilities in ChatGPT, marketers are advised to explore a variety of AI tools tailored to their specific challenges. Matt Wolfe recommends tools like Conveyor for chatbot latency reduction and image generation tools like Leonardo and Kaiber for creative assets.

AI integration across marketing workflows

AI has proven to be a valuable contributor across marketing workflows, exemplified by HubSpot’s AI-powered content assistant streamlining creative processes. Ramon Berrios from DTC Pod integrates AI extensively in marketing tasks, showcasing its versatility in newsletter production, podcast automation, social media management, and content creation. However, it’s crucial to note that AI should complement, not replace, human creativity, as high-quality and engaging content remains the cornerstone of marketing success.

Identifying AI-generated content

As AI-generated content becomes more prevalent, marketers must discern between quality and spam. Key indicators include the content’s originality, insightfulness, and alignment with the brand’s voice. The article stresses the enduring importance of high-quality content, emphasizing that engaging and captivating material will always prevail. As AI evolves, marketers will need to identify tasks best suited for AI while maintaining a human touch in areas requiring creativity and authenticity.

Ensuring brand safety

With the integration of AI, brand safety becomes paramount. Transparent communication and the ethical use of AI are essential to preventing unintended consequences. Privacy concerns are addressed by HubSpot through clear terms and conditions for data import. Marketers are urged to be cautious about data security and aligning AI usage with brand values. Transparent communication within the organization is crucial when using multiple AI platforms with distinct models.

Integrating AI intentionally

While AI presents significant opportunities, there are inherent risks that marketers must navigate cautiously. The article outlines five AI no-go’s, including gathering data without consent, having unrealistic expectations, using AI tools with unclean data, neglecting source verification, and ignoring ethical considerations. The emphasis is on specificity, purpose, and ethical data use, as these principles are foundational to HubSpot’s AI strategy.

The human touch in AI

Despite AI’s advancements, it remains a work in progress, subject to biases and limitations. The article concludes by highlighting the importance of humanity in marketing. Kipp Bodnar, CMO at HubSpot, emphasizes the need for a real point of view in marketing, rooted in belief and humanity. The key to winning with AI is strategic, intentional, and vigilant use, amplifying human potential rather than overshadowing it.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of AI marketing, these seven must-know tips from HubSpot’s AIMS team provide a comprehensive guide to navigating the complexities, ensuring marketers make the most of AI while upholding brand values and delivering meaningful experiences

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