Subaru and Dell Collaborate on Next-Generation EyeSight System


  • Subaru partners with Dell to enhance the EyeSight system with AI and high-performance storage, aiming for safer roads.
  • Dell’s PowerScale storage empowers Subaru to efficiently manage and analyze vast amounts of data for AI development.
  • Collaboration between Subaru and Dell underscores commitment to innovation and road safety.

Subaru Corporation and Dell Technologies have embarked on a strategic partnership to develop next-generation driver assistance technology, aiming to enhance road safety for all. This collaboration harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and high-performance storage to enhance Subaru’s acclaimed EyeSight driver assistance system.

Dell’s AI infrastructure fuels Subaru’s innovation

Dell is providing the technological infrastructure to fuel Subaru’s AI development efforts. The Dell PowerScale storage system, specifically designed for AI workloads, enables Subaru to seamlessly integrate, analyze, and extract valuable insights from vast amounts of data. This data is crucial for the development of Subaru’s next-generation EyeSight, a technology already featured in over 5.5 million vehicles worldwide.

Enhancing EyeSight’s capabilities

EyeSight, Subaru’s proprietary driver assistance system, keeps a watchful eye on traffic flow, optimizes cruise control, and alerts drivers when they veer from their lane. With the integration of Dell’s AI-powered storage solutions, Subaru aims to enhance EyeSight’s capabilities, further improving driver safety and contributing to the greater good.

Subaru’s AI development arm, Subaru Lab, established in 2020, has experienced a significant increase in storage capacity thanks to Dell PowerScale. This allows the carmaker to improve image analysis for EyeSight by accessing data stored across data centers and at its Tokyo offices, enabling more efficient and comprehensive analysis.

Safety and reliability at the forefront

“As a brand that has built its reputation on trust, we are constantly expanding AI development to increase the reliability in our vehicles while contributing to the greater good,” said Takashi Kanai, deputy chief of Subaru Lab and manager of the ADAS development department, PGM (Advanced Integrated System), engineering division. “While requirements for systems and storage are ever-changing, we are confident that Dell PowerScale is up to the task as the underlying infrastructure for EyeSight Driver Assist Technology, allowing us to continue advancing our AI initiatives to improve driver safety.”

Proven safety record

Studies by Subaru, using data from Japan’s traffic research institute (ITARDA), suggest that the accident rate for EyeSight-equipped vehicles in Japan is a remarkably low 0.06%, underscoring the system’s effectiveness in enhancing road safety.

“Subaru is driving massive innovation through data to give motorists an extra set of eyes and an extra foot on the brake while entrusting Dell Technologies to enable this journey as its AI development infrastructure,” said Arthur Lewis, president, of infrastructure solutions group, Dell Technologies. “As an AI-ready data platform, Dell PowerScale storage allows companies like Subaru to integrate, analyze, and use data to deliver impactful insights that advance human progress and transform industries.”

PowerScale’s flexibility and scalability empower Subaru Lab to efficiently manage data across various cloud environments while maintaining security and cost-effectiveness. This allows for rapid data retrieval and analysis, further accelerating the development of Subaru’s AI-powered image analysis for EyeSight.

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