Study Proposes AI Could Be the Barrier to Alien Contact

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  • AI’s rapid advancement could obstruct contact with aliens.
  • Research suggests AI serves as a barrier to contact.
  • ASI emergence intersects a crucial phase in civilization’s evolution

The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) has captured the imagination of scientists and futurists alike. However, a provocative theory has emerged suggesting that AI might not only shape the destiny of our civilization but also serve as a formidable barrier to our ability to make contact with extraterrestrial life. 

 AI as great filter for alien communication 

The great filter hypothesis, as an answer for Fermi Paradox problem, puzzles about with why we have not observed any alien civilization, especially the ones with advanced technology, though the universe is so large. In the light of this theory, there are barriers in the evolution of civilizations that keep them from becoming space exploring societies. 

Study of Michael Garret notion traceable in Acta Astronautica documents that superintelligence(AI) indeed could be the escalation challenge facing existence. ASI, the higher than human intelligent tendence, might be the case when it comes in a moment of the critical more than central phase of the civilization’s development—the shift from the single planer to multiplaner species. 

 A destructive factor to the existence of the human race

According to Garrett’s argument that the advent of super artificial intelligence would give rise to some real challenges on the part of the evolution of civilizations to being one of the few that would successfully get through the next century. 

AI’s autonomous and self-improving nature could very likely lead to scenario where AI outperforms our capacity to control it, which potentially could become calamitous not only for biological, but also for artificial sentient civilizations. 

The AI progress would explode exponentially if it is not controlled.  This would result in the demise of civilizations even before they have the chance to become multi-planetary. The adverse effects of letting AI which is autonomous with power can bring humanity to the point of no return where there will be incessant destruction and threats to the continuation of the human race.

 Safeguarding humanity’s future

Humanity is faced with a warning through this phenomenon, resulting in the need to adapt and rethink our relationship with the planet. Garrett’s research is a warning to the mankind to create a reliable regulatory system which will govern the development of AI. It is a crucial point to take account of the human factors in AI because we are not only talking about the danger of unethical use of AI on Earth but also about the fact that AI will be the key to the long-term survival of humans. 

Attempts to transform into a multi-planet utility, which in the past were just an utopia now moving forward in a new phase which is supported by private companies technological progress. On the other hand, this goal is achieved only if we think of the consequences of bringing non-conscious, super-intelligent entities to our planet carefully. Among the many issues raised, the most crucial concern, perhaps, is what kind of future awaits humanity if it starts trusting intelligent machines. 

Each historical moment offers humanity a crucial distinction in technological development, with today’s decisions defining the future of human society.  

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