Steve Wozniak launches blockchain-based energy company

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  • Steve Wozniak launches Efforce, an energy based blockchain company
  • The company is set to change how energy investment works

According to a press release on Yahoo, Efforce, a blockchain-based energy startup, was recently launched; the energy startup company is founded by Steve Wozniak, a co-founder of popular tech company, Apple

The press release stated that the company would enable different companies in the world to be able to carry out different energy-efficient projects without any challenges.

Steve Wozniak’s company is expected to enhance the energy efficiency market. The company would enable investors to have a platform to invest in. The platform also gives access to companies and investors an opportunity to use energy efficiency models in their institutions.

Energy efficiency projects are currently valued to be $250 billion. As it stands, there is not so much opportunity for small companies to partake in this industry because of the massive cost of investment layouts needed. Efforce, however, is about to change how energy investment works.

Jacob Visetti, co-founder of Efforce who is also the Project Lead of the company said that the Efforce business model allows different individuals to partake in making the world a cleaner and better place.

He added that the company recognizes that companies generally would require an enormous outlay to transform its energy needs. It also recognizes that smaller firms might find it difficult to come up with the required level of funds to ensure sustainable and green energy, as such, Efforce would be able to help such businesses to efficiently carry out its energy efficiency operations.

Efforce unveils token named after Steve Wozniak

Efforce is set to build its investment opportunities based on its native token, WOZX token. The token is named after its founder, Steve Wozniak.

The company has gone on to list the token on Not only that, the company has also mentioned that it would list the token on Bithumb Global too

According to New York post, the launch of the Efforce token has improved the worth of the network by almost ten. The media house stated that the network is currently worth $950 million.

has that the launch of the WOZX token has increased the worth of the network by almost ten folds. The network is 

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