Stellar Blade Set to Launch as PS5 Exclusive Amidst Controversy


  • Out April 26 on PS5, Stellar Blade stirs debate with an adult-only rating for nudity and violence.
  • Korean outlet cites revealing costumes and bloody violence as reasons for the rating.
  • Director Kim highlights mature themes and detailed design, likening the game to “Nier.”

The highly anticipated PS5 exclusive, Stellar Blade, is slated for release on April 26, bringing excitement and controversy. Developed in Korea, the action-packed RPG has stirred discussions regarding its suitability for younger audiences, leading to speculations about its age rating and content.

Rating for adults only

Reports from the Korean outlet This Is Game indicate that Stellar Blade will receive an adult-only rating, signaling its unsuitability for teenagers. The decision stems from the game’s depiction of nudity and violence, elements deemed too mature for younger players. Scenes featuring female characters in revealing attire and instances of graphic violence, including dismemberment, have contributed to this classification.

Stellar Blade’s rating hinges on two primary factors: nudity and violence. The game’s portrayal of female characters in revealing costumes, coupled with intense combat sequences showcasing bloody violence and dismemberment, has prompted concerns about its appropriateness for younger audiences. While such elements may not surprise those familiar with the game’s trailers and gameplay footage, they have nonetheless sparked debates regarding its thematic content.

Stellar Blade speculation and ratings

While the Korean ratings board has issued an adult-only rating for Stellar Blade, speculation looms over the game’s classification by other regulatory bodies, such as the Electronic Standards Rating Board (ESRB) in the United States. Given the criteria outlined by the Korean board, it is likely that Stellar Blade will receive a mature rating from the ESRB, although an official announcement is pending.

In a recent interview Stellar Blade’s game director, Hyung-Tae Kim, expressed his appreciation for the comparisons drawn between Stellar Blade and “Nier,” citing admiration for Yoko Taro’s work. Kim highlighted the team’s meticulous attention to detail, particularly in crafting protagonist Eve’s character design, emphasizing the significance of the player’s perspective during gameplay.

As Stellar Blade gears up for its exclusive launch on April 26, anticipation mingles with controversy, underscoring the complexities of balancing creative expression with audience sensitivities. While the game promises an immersive gaming experience, its mature themes raise questions about accessibility and responsibility within the gaming industry. As players await further details on the game’s rating and content, Stellar Blade stands poised to significantly impact the gaming landscape upon its release.

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