A Startup Unveils Groundbreaking AI Sound Effects Technology for Sora


In a bold move, ElevenLabs, a leading voice AI startup, has announced its latest innovation. The technology is described as AI-generated sound effects. This new technology aims to change how audio is added to videos. It taps into potential left by Sora, OpenAI’s text-to-video tool. With this new feature, users can expect a more immersive audio experience in their video content.

ElevenLabs’ announcement came through a post on X. It revealed how they’ve added artificial sounds to videos. The sounds include ocean waves, metal noises, bird calls, and car engines. This showcases their ability to fill the audio gap in AI-generated videos, providing a richer viewing experience.

Community and future plans

The excitement around this innovation is palpable. ElevenLabs shared their enthusiasm about the community’s response and is eager to release this technology to the public. Although a specific launch date remains under wraps, the company has opened a sign-up for those interested in early access.

Following a significant Series B funding round in January, which raised $80 million from notable investors such as Andreessen Horowitz, the company has seen its valuation soar past $1 billion. This marks a substantial increase from its valuation in June 2023 and highlights the growing confidence in ElevenLabs’ potential.

The visionaries behind the startup

Founded by ex-Google and Palantir talents, Piotr Dabkowski and Staniszewski, ElevenLabs was born out of a desire to overcome the limitations of traditional movie dubbing. Their platform is designed to break down language barriers in content, a mission fueled by their childhood experiences with poorly dubbed films in Poland.

With over 100 years’ worth of audio already generated by its users, the AI audio startup is at the forefront of transforming content creation. This new sound effect technology represents a significant step forward, promising to enhance how videos are produced and consumed.

ElevenLabs is setting the stage for an audio revolution in AI-generated content. As the company prepares to launch its AI sound effects, the tech and entertainment worlds watch closely. This innovation could redefine the boundaries of video production, making immersive and engaging content more accessible than ever.

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