Starknet Foundation Addresses Airdrop Speculations Amidst Social Media Buzz

Starknet Foundation Addresses Airdrop Speculations Amidst Social Media Buzz

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  • The Starknet Foundation addressed community speculations about an upcoming airdrop, following the leak of draft plan screenshots on social media.
  • They confirmed the eligibility cutoff date for the airdrop, clarifying that no further user actions can influence eligibility, and emphasized that the final criteria and details will be officially announced once finalized.


The Starknet Foundation, responsible for the Ethereum Layer 2 network Starknet, has recently addressed the community’s growing speculation about its upcoming airdrop. The response comes in the wake of widespread discussions triggered by the circulation of two screenshots on social media, which purportedly revealed details of the airdrop criteria. These revelations have stirred considerable interest and speculation within the cryptocurrency community.

In these screenshots, apparently sourced from Starknet’s website, a list of qualifying criteria for the airdrop was visible, detailing the types of crypto activities required for eligibility. However, the legitimacy of the information was called into question, as the content appeared to be an early draft with incomplete information and a misspelling of the project’s name.

A glimpse into Starknet’s Airdrop strategy

The screenshots in question, which appeared to have originated from Starknet’s official website, revealed preliminary details about the criteria for the upcoming airdrop. These images displayed a list delineating the types of crypto activities that would render an address eligible for the airdrop. However, the authenticity of the information was initially unclear, as the content seemed incomplete and even contained a misspelling of the project’s name.

In response to the ensuing online buzz, the Starknet Foundation has clarified the situation. A spokesperson from the foundation explained that the tech teams frequently develop and test various front-end designs, some of which are eventually released to the public while others remain internal. The foundation stressed that the images represented draft plans that are still under refinement. It reassured the community that the final and official criteria, along with comprehensive details about the airdrop allocations, would be shared once they are fully fleshed out and ready for public dissemination.

Setting the record straight: No further actions to influence Airdrop eligibility

Adding to the clarifications, the Starknet Foundation has confirmed that the eligibility cutoff date for the airdrop has already been set. The announcement is crucial as it establishes that no subsequent actions by users will impact their eligibility for the airdrop. The cutoff date was determined in line with the foundation’s strategy to ensure a fair and transparent process for the distribution of rewards to the community.

The concept of an airdrop by Starknet is not a new revelation. The foundation had hinted at the possibility of community rewards a year ago during an announcement regarding the introduction of a Stark token. In 2022, the Starknet Foundation elaborated on the tokenomics of the Stark (STRK) token. According to the announcement, a total of 10 billion STRK tokens would be created, with half of the supply retained by the foundation itself. The remaining tokens are earmarked for distribution among core developers, ecosystem contributors, and the broader community. It reflects the foundation’s commitment to rewarding those who have played a pivotal role in the network’s growth and development.

Starknet: Innovating on Ethereum’s Layer 2

Starknet operates as a decentralized Layer 2 solution on top of Ethereum, leveraging the innovative zero-knowledge roll-up technology. The approach enables the network to batch multiple transactions on a secondary layer, subsequently aggregating them into a single transaction that is recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. The methodology not only enhances transaction efficiency but also significantly reduces network congestion and fees, a key advantage for users interacting with the Ethereum ecosystem.

The conceptual foundation of Starknet is rooted in the pioneering work of StarkWare, known for its development of the Stark cryptographic proofs mechanism. While StarkWare laid the initial groundwork for Starknet, the project’s ongoing evolution and expansion are now overseen by the Starknet Foundation. The transition marks a significant step towards decentralization and community-driven governance, aligning with the ethos of the broader blockchain and cryptocurrency sector.


As the Starknet Foundation navigates the intricacies of implementing its airdrop plan, the cryptocurrency community eagerly awaits further announcements. The situation underscores the dynamic and often unpredictable nature of the blockchain industry, where developments can rapidly capture the community’s imagination and attention. The Starknet Foundation’s commitment to transparency and communication in the scenario is a testament to its dedication to fostering a strong, engaged, and informed community. With its innovative Layer 2 solutions and a clear focus on rewarding its community, Starknet is poised to remain a significant player in the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain technology.

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