Stablecoins market sees continued growth amidst challenges


  • Stablecoin market cap hits $138B, growing 5 months, but dominance dips to 7.09%.
  • Magic Internet Money is depegged, stays stable at $60.2M, and is undergoing upgrades.
  • FDUSD trading surges 51.1% to $122B post Bitcoin ETF approval; Ethena USDe’s market cap hits $227M after mainnet launch.

In the latest report from CCData, the February 2024 edition of the “Stablecoins & CBDCs” research highlights the persistent growth within the stablecoin market, reaching a total market capitalization exceeding $138 billion. This marks the fifth consecutive month of expansion, reflecting the increasing relevance and adoption of stablecoins in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Stablecoins  dominance shifts amidst growth

Despite the remarkable growth in market capitalization, the dominance of stablecoins experienced a slight dip to 7.09%, the lowest since December 2021. This shift underscores the evolving dynamics within the broader cryptocurrency market as investors explore diverse digital assets beyond stablecoins. However, the consistent upward trajectory of the stablecoin market cap signals continued investor confidence in their stability and utility.

A notable event in February was the depegging of the Magic Internet Money (MIM) stablecoin following a smart contract exploit by its issuer, Abracadabra Money. This incident temporarily declined MIM’s value to $0.86, resulting in a nearly $6.50 million loss. Despite the exploit, MIM’s market capitalization remained relatively stable at around $60.2 million, showcasing resilience amidst challenges. Moreover, MIM underwent a v3 upgrade and expanded its integration with new chains like Blast and Berachain, indicating efforts to enhance security and expand its ecosystem.

FDUSD trading volume surges after Bitcoin ETF approval

Following the approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF, trading volume for FDUSD pairs on centralized exchanges witnessed a remarkable 51.1% increase, totaling $122 billion. This surge positioned FDUSD as the second most traded pair after USDT. Binance‘s BTC-FDUSD pair emerged as the most traded, with a monthly volume of $80.8 billion. Concurrently, FDUSD’s market capitalization rose by 12.5% to $2.44 billion, setting a new all-time high. The spike in trading volume reflects heightened investor interest and confidence in FDUSD amid evolving regulatory landscapes and market developments.

Ethena Labs’ announcement of its public mainnet launch significantly impacted the market cap of its yield-bearing stablecoin, USDe. With the ability for users to engage with USDe by depositing liquid staking tokens (LSTs), ETH, or USDC, the stablecoin witnessed a market capitalization surge of $47 million, reaching a new all-time high of $227 million in February. This milestone underscores the growing demand for innovative stablecoin solutions that offer additional functionalities and yield opportunities to users.

The stablecoin market continues to demonstrate resilience and growth, reaching new milestones despite challenges such as smart contract exploits and regulatory uncertainties. With increasing market capitalization and evolving use cases, stablecoins are vital in facilitating liquidity and stability within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. As the market matures, continued vigilance, transparency, and innovation will be crucial in ensuring stablecoin projects’ long-term viability and trustworthiness.

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