Spot the bot? Spotify wipes thousands of AI-generated tunes

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  • Spotify removes thousands of AI-generated songs, targeting tracks created by AI music startup Boomy.
  • The action follows complaints of fraud and clutter, with Universal Music Group alerting streaming services of suspicious streaming activity on Boomy tracks.
  • The removal of these songs is part of Spotify’s effort to eliminate artificial streaming and protect royalty payments for genuine artists.

Spotify, the popular music streaming platform, has recently wiped thousands of AI-generated songs from its database, taking a stand against the growing tension between the music industry and artificial intelligence.

According to a Financial Times report, Spotify removed 7% of songs created by AI music startup Boomy, which amounts to tens of thousands of tracks.

Spotify’s crackdown on AI-generated music

The removal of these songs comes after Spotify and other streaming services received complaints of fraud and clutter on their platforms. Universal Music Group (UMG), a music industry giant, reportedly alerted streaming service providers of suspicious streaming activity on Boomy tracks.

As a result, Spotify removed the Boomy songs due to suspected artificial streaming from bots posing as listeners. The company is also said to be intensifying its efforts to police the platform in response to these concerns.

In recent months, the music industry has grappled with the increasing presence of AI-generated music, sparking debate over copyright and royalties.

Last month, UMG emailed streaming services, including Spotify, requesting them to block AI services from accessing music catalogs for training purposes. Furthermore, UMG has been actively sending requests to remove AI-generated songs from various platforms.

While some in the music industry are fighting to control AI, others, like artist Grimes, have embraced the technology. Grimes allowed creators to use her voice for AI music creation, provided a small set of rules were followed, and royalties were split accordingly.

Protecting artists and royalties

Spotify’s removal of AI-generated tracks with illegitimate streams demonstrates its commitment to eliminating artificial streaming and safeguarding royalty payments for genuine artists.

The company stated, “When we identify or are alerted to potential cases of stream manipulation, we mitigate their impact by taking action that may include the removal of streaming numbers and the withholding of royalties.”

Although there is no evidence suggesting Boomy’s involvement in fake stream creation, the company has been explicit in its opposition to any form of manipulation or artificial streaming.

Boomy is currently working with industry partners to address this issue and restore the distribution of its artist content on the Spotify platform.

A growing debate over AI-generated music

The conversation surrounding AI-generated music has intensified recently, with prominent producer Timbaland sharing an AI-generated track featuring vocals from the late Notorious B.I.G. on social media.

Additionally, monetized platforms streaming AI-generated content have faced scrutiny from major players in the music industry, such as Universal Music.

Spotify’s crackdown on AI-generated songs with fake streams sends a clear message that the platform is devoted to addressing the issue of artificial streaming.

Boomy, which is responsible for creating over 14.5 million tracks or approximately 13.9% of the world’s recorded music, has seen at least six of its songs removed from two playlists due to Spotify’s actions.

As the battle against illegitimate streaming continues, the music industry strives to preserve its integrity and protect the earnings of authentic, hardworking artists.

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