Standard Chartered Bank expects spot Bitcoin ETFs to attract $50-100 billion inflows in 2024

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  • The SEC is expected to approve spot Bitcoin ETFs soon, potentially attracting $50-100 billion in inflows this year, mirroring the impact of gold ETFs like GLD.
  • Standard Chartered Bank predicts a significant rise in Bitcoin’s value, with projections reaching up to $200,000 by end-2025, drawing parallels to gold’s post-ETF performance.
  • The bank also anticipates approval for spot Ether ETFs and offers insights from the gold and silver markets to forecast cryptocurrency price dynamics.

The financial industry is on the brink of a significant transformation with the expected approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Industry experts, including Standard Chartered Bank, project these funds could attract an impressive $50-100 billion in inflows this year. This development marks a pivotal moment, comparable to the launch of the first U.S.-based gold ETF, SPDR Gold Shares (GLD), in 2004.

GLD revolutionized access to the gold market, becoming the world’s largest physically backed gold ETF. Applying a similar framework to Bitcoin, Standard Chartered Bank predicts a substantial impact on the cryptocurrency market. The bank estimates potential inflows into Bitcoin ETFs could range from $34 billion to as high as $130 billion. These predictions are grounded in the historical performance of gold ETFs and the current market dynamics of Bitcoin.

The potential impact on Bitcoin’s market value

The advent of spot Bitcoin ETFs is expected to be a watershed moment, especially for institutional investors. Standard Chartered Bank forecasts a significant rise in Bitcoin’s price, drawing parallels to gold’s performance post-ETF introduction. The bank anticipates a similar, if not greater, price surge for Bitcoin over a shorter period. Their analysis suggests that Bitcoin could reach around $100,000 by the end of 2024, and possibly $200,000 by the end of 2025.

These projections assume that a substantial amount of new bitcoins, ranging between 437,000 and 1.32 million, will be held in these ETFs by the end of 2024. This would translate into an investment of approximately $50-100 billion. The bank’s optimistic outlook is further supported by the estimates of various spot Bitcoin ETF applicants. For instance, VanEck projects $1 billion of inflows in the initial days, Galaxy predicts $14 billion within the first year, and Bitwise anticipates a market size of around $72 billion within five years.

Comparative insights: Ether ETFs and precious metals

The discussion around cryptocurrency ETFs isn’t limited to Bitcoin. Several firms are seeking approval for spot Ether ETFs, with expectations of green lights in the coming months. The SEC’s stance on Ether ETFs differs from Bitcoin, considering the regulatory nuances around cryptocurrencies. However, Standard Chartered Bank remains optimistic about the approval of Ether ETFs, drawing on the SEC’s previous stances and actions.

The bank also draws insights from the gold and silver markets, especially around the time of their respective ETF launches. These examples offer valuable lessons for understanding potential price dynamics in the cryptocurrency market. The introduction of silver ETFs, for instance, led to varied market reactions compared to gold, highlighting the influence of ETFs on market liquidity and investor behavior.

Overall, the anticipated approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs and potential Ether ETFs signifies a major shift in the cryptocurrency investment landscape. These developments mirror the historical trends of traditional commodities and pave the way for more mainstream adoption and investment in cryptocurrencies.

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