Space and Time Releases Sub-Second ZK Prover under Open Software License


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  • The Verifiable Compute Layer for AI and blockchain, Space, and Time (SxT) launched today’s Proof of SQL product.
  • The Proof of SQL is a high-performance zero-knowledge prover used to process data.
  • Space and Time has released the Proof of SQL code on GitHub for ZKP Engineers to explore.

Space and Time has released a new product that will change how zero-knowledge proofs work. The product, Proof of SQL, is a sub-second prover that can reportedly handle over 100,000 row tables in under a second using one GPU. 

According to Space and Time, the new zero-knowledge prover will revolutionize the industry by allowing efficient use of data-driven smart contracts. The Space and Time team has tested Proof of SQL on different scenarios and ascertained its readiness for the market. According to the team, Proof of SQL can aggregate over a million rows of indexed data within Ethereum block time while running on a single NVIDIA Tensor Core T4 GPU. 

The Proof of SQL has been developed by SxT. The prover uses cryptographic techniques to guarantee that SQL database queries are executed correctly on the required data. Using the technology, developers can execute queries on both datasets on-chain and off-chain. According to SxT, the Proof of SQL is executed in a trustless manner.

Considering the record-short time the Proof of SQL takes to execute queries and establish correctness, the results can be relayed on time for smart contracts to sue during a transaction. SxT claims the results can be fed to smart contracts and used to enhance smart contract operations. By allowing smart contracts to access split-second data, developers can create more sophisticated DeFi protocols that are data-driven. 

Space and Time releases Proof of SQL

The Space and Time team is excited to launch a product that will redefine the future of Web3. The Proof of SQL is expected to influence how developers approach decentralized finance (DeFi). According to Jay White, PhD, Co-Founder and Head of Research at SxT and the inventor of Proof of SQL protocol, the product will lead Web 3 into a new era of data-driven smart contracts and shape the next generation of DeFi protocols. 

In a statement, White mentioned, 

“Our team pioneered sub-second ZK proofs so that smart contracts and AI agents can ask questions about a chain’s activity, as well as off-chain data, and receive back trustless SQL query results onchain during a transaction without having to wait for 30 minute proof times.”

The SxT had previously launched  Proof of SQL to a close-knit group for market testing in August 2023. Following the successful review of the project, the team finally released Proof of SQL to the public, and developers can get it directly from GitHub

Developers can integrate Proof of SQL with other zkVMs to achieve verifiable source data. According to SxT, the Proof of SQL protocol can also be integrated into any SQL database, whether centralized or decentralized. 

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