Shadow AI Minister to Lead Discussion at South West AI Conference Bringing Industry Leaders Together


  • Matt Rodda, the Shadow Minister for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Intellectual Property, will deliver the keynote speech at the South West AI Conference on February 16, 2024, emphasizing harnessing AI’s potential.
  • Co-sponsored by tech giants Microsoft, law firm Michelmores, and AI company Hertzian, the conference aims to explore integrating AI into the public sector and its implications for South West businesses.
  • The conference will address the government’s role in creating AI policy frameworks and mitigating AI-related threats following a £500m investment announced in the 2023 Autumn Statement.

In a significant development in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), the South West Business Council (SWBC) is gearing up to host a groundbreaking conference titled ‘Harnessing the Power of AI: Meeting the Challenges’ on February 16, 2024. The event, slated to take place at the prestigious Great Hall, University of Exeter, will feature a keynote address by Matt Rodda, the Shadow Minister for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Intellectual Property. Co-sponsored by tech giants Microsoft, Michelmores, a specialist law firm, and leading AI company Hertzian, this conference promises to delve deep into the realm of AI integration, particularly focusing on its implications for South West businesses.

Setting the stage for South West AI Conference

The anticipation surrounding the South West AI Conference is palpable as industry leaders, policymakers, and academics converge to explore the multifaceted landscape of artificial intelligence. With Matt Rodda, the Shadow AI Minister, set to deliver the keynote address, attendees eagerly anticipate insights into leveraging AI’s potential while navigating its challenges. Against the backdrop of the Chancellor’s Autumn statement, which highlighted AI’s role in streamlining public services, the conference assumes added significance in dissecting AI’s impact on South West businesses.

Unveiling opportunities at the South West AI Conference

As attendees gather in the hallowed halls of the University of Exeter, the stage is set for a riveting exploration of AI’s potential to revolutionize the South West’s business landscape. Richard Potter, Director of Digital Strategy at Microsoft, takes the podium to share insights into how AI can drive innovation and enhance productivity across various sectors. With real-world examples and case studies, Potter paints a compelling picture of AI’s transformative power, urging businesses to embrace technological advancements to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market.

Dr. John Downey, Lecturer in Digital Health at the University of Plymouth, follows suit, shedding light on AI’s role in revolutionizing healthcare delivery. From predictive analytics to personalized treatment plans, Downey elucidates how AI-driven solutions can optimize patient care and improve clinical outcomes. The audience is captivated by his vision of a healthcare system empowered by AI, where data-driven decision-making ensures timely interventions and better resource allocation.

Navigating challenges in AI integration

Amidst the excitement surrounding AI’s potential, concerns about its ethical and societal implications loom large. Professor Robin L. Pierce, Professor of AI and Law at the University of Exeter, takes the stage to address these pressing concerns. Drawing on his expertise in legal and ethical frameworks, Pierce underscores the importance of responsible AI deployment, advocating for transparency, accountability, and fairness in algorithmic decision-making processes. His thought-provoking discourse prompts attendees to contemplate the ethical dimensions of AI integration and the need for robust regulatory frameworks to safeguard against potential abuses.

Meanwhile, Professor Simon Macintosh-Smith, Professor of High-Performance Computing at the University of Bristol, offers insights into the technical challenges associated with AI implementation. From scalability issues to data privacy concerns, Macintosh-Smith navigates the intricate terrain of AI deployment, highlighting the need for interdisciplinary collaboration and ongoing research to address emerging challenges. His pragmatic approach resonates with attendees grappling with the complexities of AI adoption, sparking discussions on best practices and collaborative solutions to overcome technological barriers.

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