Trouble in paradise: South Africa wants to ditch BRICS

Trouble in paradise: South Africa wants to ditch BRICS forever


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  • South Africa might leave BRICS if the opposition wins the upcoming elections.
  • The opposition’s victory could shift foreign policy away from BRICS, similar to Argentina’s rejection.
  • South Africa’s departure from BRICS is linked to opposition parties’ stance against Russia.

Word on the street, courtesy of South Africa’s own ambassador to Russia, Mzvukile Jeff Maqetuka, is that the upcoming elections might just be the catalyst for South Africa to bid adieu to BRICS, leaving the bloc scratching its head and wondering where it all went wrong.

Maqetuka, in a candid chat with Russia’s TASS Publication, laid out a scenario straight out of a political thriller: the opposition takes the reins, and just like that, South Africa’s ties with BRICS could snap faster than a brittle twig. This possibility is real, tangible, and hanging over the BRICS alliance like a dark cloud. Remember Argentina’s cold shoulder earlier this year? South Africa’s move could very well be a replay, but on steroids.

South Africa’s opposition parties, not exactly Russia’s fan club, could steer the ship in a whole new direction if they snatch victory. This isn’t about throwing shade at Russia for the sake of it; it’s a calculated move that could redefine South Africa’s foreign policy and its alliance nations. Maqetuka pointed out, without giving away too much, that if the opposition, particularly the Democratic Alliance, emerges victorious, BRICS might have to cross South Africa off its buddy list.

The stakes are high, and the countdown has begun. With the general elections set for May 29, 2024, South Africa is on the cusp of a pivotal moment. The African National Congress, with Cyril Ramaphosa at the helm, is gunning for a win. But in the volatile world of politics, guarantees are as reliable as a chocolate teapot. Should the opposition clinch a win, it’s anyone’s guess how South Africa’s foreign policy will morph, but BRICS might find itself one member short.

Keep in mind that BRICS has flung its doors open, hoping to expand from a cozy group of five to a bustling bloc of nine. The alliance aims to shake up the global financial sector, championing a world where the US dollar isn’t the only heavyweight in the ring. Developing countries, hungry for a slice of this new economic order, are lining up, with 25 nations eagerly waiting for their membership cards.

Scheduled to gather in Russia’s Kazan region for the 16th summit in October 2024, BRICS stands at a crossroads. The summit promises to be where the future of this alliance could be redrawn, welcoming new members into the fold. Yet, amidst this expansion, the potential exit of South Africa looms large, casting a shadow over the proceedings.

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