Sony and Fujitsu to develop blockchain platform to curb forged documents

The two tech giants from Japan, Sony Corporation and the Fujitsu Ltd. have collaborated to fight the heavy influx of forded and fake documents. The two giants are taking on blockchain to fight against the forgery through an encrypted database service.

The said service would reportedly put a stop on the rising number of fake documents that are created for foreign nationals in order to help them acquire Japanese residence for study and work purposes, Japanese media reported.

The fraud is especially more focused on study programs since the Japanese institutions require a certain level of Japanese covered by every student and the relevant courses are a compulsory requirement for admission in Japanese institution.

Reports of discrepancies found in the certificates that were obtained overseas have been circulating, and several cases have been found where the applicant had used forged document outside Japan. These documents were subsequently provided to the Japanese institutions who then submit these documents to the Immigration Bureau.

The new platform, which is a hybrid between the Fujitsu learning mechanism and the Sony Education Inc blockchain project would be put to the test in March of 2019, and after successful testing, it would be implemented from April for the academic year 2019.

This blockchain would track all overseas records in an encrypted system, and the local Japanese institutions would be able to track back any student’s progress using the blockchain system and verify the certification documents in real time. The giants have taken Human Academy Co as their Japanese language academic partner to implement, test, and tweak their solution.