Solana Mainnet Beta Experiences Outage, Swift Action Taken by Engineers


  • Solana engineers quickly addressed a mainnet beta outage by releasing a new validator software patch, showcasing the community’s swift action to maintain network stability.
  • Validator operators efficiently upgraded to the new software release, successfully restarting the network and resuming block production, emphasizing the ecosystem’s collaborative strength and resilience.

The Solana mainnet beta recently encountered a significant outage, prompting immediate action from engineers and contributors across the ecosystem. 

The issue, which led to a temporary halt of the network, was met with a coordinated response involving the development and deployment of a new validator software patch. The incident sheds light on the challenges and rapid responses inherent in managing and maintaining blockchain networks.

Solana mainnet experiences initial outage and diagnostic efforts

At approximately 09:53 UTC, the Solana mainnet beta experienced an unexpected outage, causing disruptions in block production and network operations. Engineers from various parts of the ecosystem quickly mobilized to investigate the root of the problem. The official Solana status page, https://status.solana.com, served as a central hub for updates and information dissemination throughout the event. As the technical team delved into the issue, it became clear that a significant effort would be required to address the underlying cause and restore normal network functions.

In response to the outage, a collective of engineers embarked on developing a new validator software release, aiming to rectify the issue that led to the network halt. The collaborative endeavor underscored the ecosystem’s commitment to swiftly resolving critical issues and ensuring the stability and reliability of the network.

Mainnet validator operators were promptly informed about the availability of the new release, version v1.17.20. Detailed instructions for upgrading and restarting the network were made accessible through a dedicated GitHub repository: https://github.com/laine-sa/cluster_restart. The repository provided a comprehensive guide, ensuring that validator operators could smoothly transition to the updated software version and participate in the collective effort to re-establish network operations.

Network restoration and ongoing monitoring

The concerted efforts of the validator operators and engineers culminated in the successful resumption of block production on the Solana mainnet beta at 14:57 UTC. The milestone was achieved following the network-wide upgrade to version v1.17.20 and a coordinated restart of the cluster. The swift and effective response not only demonstrated the technical prowess and readiness of the Solana community but also highlighted the importance of collaboration and communication in crisis management within blockchain ecosystems.

In the aftermath of the outage, engineers continued to closely monitor network performance, ensuring that operations were fully restored and that the network remained stable. The outage, which lasted approximately five hours, served as a reminder of the complexities and potential vulnerabilities inherent in blockchain networks. The Solana team’s commitment to transparency and diligent problem-solving was evident as core contributors began working on a comprehensive root cause report. The report, once completed, will provide valuable insights into the incident and contribute to ongoing efforts to enhance the robustness and resilience of the network.


The recent outage on the Solana mainnet beta was a significant event that tested the readiness and responsiveness of the entire ecosystem. The collective actions of engineers, validator operators, and contributors exemplified the strength of the community and its commitment to maintaining a secure and efficient network. As the Solana ecosystem continues to evolve and grow, the lessons learned from the incident will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping future strategies for network management and crisis response.

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