Solana CEO wants FTX’s SOL distributed to its users

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  • Solana CEO Anatoly Yakovenko has urged FTX to return its SOL to users.
  • Customers anticipate a decision on the assets.

Cryptocurrency exchange FTX, which underwent a significant change in management following its bankruptcy in November 2022, is drawing attention due to the movement of its substantial Solana (SOL) holdings. Recent data shared on Twitter revealed that FTX’s cold storage wallets, identified through the blockchain explorer Solscan, began transferring SOL tokens. These wallets collectively hold close to 7 million SOL, equivalent to approximately $134 million at current market prices.

FTX still holds $134 million worth of SOL

Solana Foundation had disclosed a substantial sale of SOL to FTX and its sister trading firm, Alameda Research, totaling 58,086,686 SOL. At today’s valuation, this amounts to an impressive $1.1 billion. However, it remains unclear how much SOL FTX still held at the time of its bankruptcy filing in November. The movement of these SOL holdings from FTX’s wallets has sparked speculation among analysts and crypto enthusiasts, including venture capitalist Adam Cochran, who discussed the developments on social media.

Notably, Anatoly Yakovenko, one of Solana’s co-founders, weighed in on the matter, presenting what he calls a “win-win” solution. Yakovenko expressed his preference for distributing the SOL holdings to former FTX customers. He argued that this approach would be the “least worse outcome for everyone.” He further elaborated that dispersing SOL to approximately 5 million users could have long-term benefits for the Solana network. According to Yakovenko, granting users control over these assets and allowing them to participate in a Dutch auction to sell their shares could result in the most favorable outcome.

Customers anticipate FTX’s decision on the assets

In his view, this plan would offer a mutually beneficial solution for all parties involved. Before FTX’s bankruptcy, the exchange had established strong ties with Solana, currently the 10th-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Sam Bankman-Fried, the co-founder and former CEO of FTX, was a prominent supporter of Solana and its ecosystem. FTX had even launched a marketplace for Solana-based Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and had invested in various Solana-related projects.

However, FTX’s downfall came in November 2022, driven by allegations of criminal mismanagement. It was reported that approximately $8.7 billion in customer funds had been misappropriated, leading to criminal charges against Sam Bankman-Fried, who was arrested last year and now faces 13 charges related to these allegations. The recent developments surrounding FTX’s SOL holdings raise important questions about the future of these assets and how they should be handled.

Yakovenko’s proposal to distribute the SOL to former FTX customers and involve them in a Dutch auction presents a potential solution that could benefit both the Solana network and the affected users. As this situation unfolds, it remains to be seen whether FTX’s new management will adopt Yakovenko’s “win-win” approach or pursue a different strategy for managing their substantial SOL holdings. Additionally, it highlights the broader challenges and complexities associated with the intersection of cryptocurrency exchanges, blockchain networks, and user interests in the fast-evolving world of digital assets.

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