SoFi Technologies Announces Termination of Crypto Services

SoFi Technologies Announces Termination of Crypto Services

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  • SoFi Technologies is ending its cryptocurrency trading services by December 19, requiring users to either transfer their accounts to Blockchain.com or close them.
  • The company’s decision, not explicitly explained, aligns with the increasing regulatory scrutiny in the crypto sector and does not impact its other financial services like IRAs and brokerage accounts.

In a significant development for the cryptocurrency market, SoFi Technologies, a prominent United States personal finance company, has announced that it will cease its crypto trading services by December 19. The announcement, made on November 29, marks a pivotal change in the company’s strategy and offerings in the digital asset space. Effective immediately, SoFi will no longer accept new crypto account openings, signalling a significant shift in its operational focus.

SoFi’s decision comes at a time when the crypto market is undergoing considerable fluctuations and regulatory scrutiny. The move reflects the broader challenges and uncertainties facing the sector, particularly in relation to regulatory compliance and market stability.

Options for existing crypto account holders

For existing customers, SoFi has laid out clear options. Users of SoFi’s crypto services must either migrate their accounts to Blockchain.com, a well-known digital asset platform or close their accounts altogether. The transition demands careful consideration from users, especially in light of differing state regulations and the varying support for altcoins on Blockchain.com.

The situation is particularly nuanced for clients residing in specific states such as Hawaii, Louisiana, New Jersey, Nevada, Tennessee, Texas, or Virginia. These customers face an additional requirement to liquidate certain altcoins that are unsupported by Blockchain.com before they can proceed with the account transfer. Moreover, clients based in New York find themselves in a unique position. Due to Blockchain.com’s unavailability in the state, they are obliged to close their SoFi crypto accounts by January 2024.

Impact on SoFi and the crypto sector

While SoFi has not explicitly stated the reasons behind the strategic withdrawal from crypto services, it is apparent that the sector is under heightened scrutiny from banking regulators. The scrutiny reflects a growing trend of regulatory oversight in the digital asset market, posing challenges for companies operating in the space.

Despite the move away from cryptocurrency services, the decision does not affect other investment services offered by the company. It includes their brokerage accounts and Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs), which will continue to operate as usual. The decision indicates SoFi’s commitment to diversifying its investment offerings while adhering to regulatory expectations.

From a financial perspective, SoFi’s latest earnings report revealed that the company held $139 million in Bitcoin and other altcoins in client deposits. The amount showed a substantial increase from $107 million recorded a year earlier. The report highlights the significant role that crypto assets have played in SoFi’s portfolio.

In a previous statement, SoFi had noted that the Federal Reserve identified certain activities of SoFi Digital Assets, LLC, related to cryptocurrencies, as not permissible for a bank holding company under the Bank Holding Company Act and Regulation Y. While the company was allowed to continue its crypto operations for a specific period, including potential extensions, it was required not to expand the scope of these activities or increase its risk exposure to digital assets.


SoFi Technologies’ decision to end its cryptocurrency services marks a notable shift in its business strategy and reflects broader trends in the digital asset market. As the regulatory landscape continues to evolve, companies operating in the space are facing increased pressure to adapt and comply. For SoFi, the move represents a strategic realignment of its services, balancing the opportunities in the digital asset space with the need to adhere to regulatory standards. For the market and its participants, the development is a reminder of the dynamic and often unpredictable nature of the cryptocurrency sector.

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