Société Générale debuts green bond on Ethereum blockchain


  • Société Générale has issued a digital green bond valued at 10 million euros.
  • The bond, with a three-year maturity, supports Eligible Green Activities projects.
  • Its digital infrastructure on the Ethereum blockchain enables constant access to carbon footprint data.

Société Générale, France’s third-largest bank, has announced the issuance of its first digital green bond. This groundbreaking financial instrument, registered on the Ethereum public blockchain, marks a new era in green financing and digital innovation.

Société Générale advances in green finance

The bond, valued at 10 million euros, showcases Société Générale’s commitment to environmental sustainability and technological advancement. With a three-year maturity period, the bond’s proceeds are dedicated to financing Eligible Green Activities (ESG) projects. This initiative aligns with the growing trend towards sustainable investment and the bank’s dedication to environmental stewardship.

What sets this bond apart is its digital infrastructure. It allows around-the-clock access to data regarding its carbon footprint, facilitated by a smart contract on the blockchain. This feature is a testament to Société Générale’s forward-thinking approach, offering issuers and investors a transparent view of their securities’ environmental impact.

Another innovative aspect of the bond is its technical capability for on-chain security settlement through the EUR CoinVertible. This euro-pegged stablecoin, introduced by Forge, a subsidiary of Société Générale, in April 2023, represents a stride towards embracing digital currencies. With central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) on the horizon, this feature illustrates Société Générale’s readiness to adapt to emerging financial technologies.

The financial giant’s involvement in the cryptocurrency sector is not new. The bank has previously issued euro bonds on the Ethereum blockchain, engaged with security tokens on the Tezos blockchain, and proposed Dai stablecoin loans in exchange for bond tokens. In July 2023, Forge, the bank’s subsidiary, achieved a landmark by obtaining the highest access license for crypto services in France, further cementing Société Générale’s position as a leader in digital finance innovation.

Setting a new standard in digital finance

This latest development from Société Générale is more than just a financial transaction; it’s a bold step into the future of banking and finance. By combining the ethos of sustainability with cutting-edge blockchain technology, Société Générale is not just adapting to the digital age; it’s leading the way. The digital green bond exemplifies how traditional banking institutions can innovate and evolve, embracing new technologies while maintaining a commitment to environmental responsibility.

This move by Société Générale is likely to encourage other financial institutions to explore similar initiatives, blending digital innovation with environmental consciousness. Société Générale’s digital green bond sets a benchmark for others to follow as the world increasingly shifts towards sustainable practices and digital solutions.

Société Générale’s launch of its first digital green bond is a significant milestone in the integration of blockchain technology with sustainable finance. It signals that the banking sector can be at the forefront of technological innovation while contributing positively to environmental causes. As the bank continues to explore the possibilities within the digital realm, it stands as a beacon of progress in the ever-evolving landscape of global finance.

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