Socialite Alexis Ren doubts the fiat currency economy, vouches for crypto


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TL;DR Breakdown

  • Socialite Alexis Ren has cast doubt on the dollar economy, stating it’s unsustainable.
  • Inflation is a significant concern, and experts claim that America’s economy is nearing a fall.
  • The model holds that crypto is an excellent alternative to the fiat economy.

Alexis Ren, an American socialite and a model, thinks that the US economy is crumbling due to the weak dollar. And at a recent press conference, Alexis said that crypto is the best alternative. The celebrity says she harbors reservations for a dollar-based wealth. As a result, she has a deep interest in cryptocurrency.

Several economic experts and critics have maintained that the US economy is weak. One month ago, Robert Kiyosaki, the fantastic creator of Rich Dad Poor Dad, weighed in on this topic. Robert holds that the United States is sinking into despair.

Also, Kenneth Rogoff, a renowned professor, told reporters that the US is sitting on a cliff edge. He said the boom rate in the country is becoming unbearable. Nevertheless, the concern on the challenging economic times is not a preserve for the elites only.

Alexis Ren says America is living a lie, and its budgetary fabrication is delusional

Alexis has maintained that America is an existing lie. In one of her platforms, which she christened, “Truth or Drink,” she tells her mind. There, Alexis talks about her feelings concerning the economy, which she regards as hot air. She further said it’s unrealistic and that America should fix this. Thus she believes BTC and cryptos are the best way to a quick fix. The stunt prompted journalist Jim Edwards to have a discussion with her about the subject.

During the show, the socialite pointed to inflation as a concern. The vocal celebrity maintains that the cash is losing value, and everyone should be concerned. She accused the state of issuing more cash so that it became valueless. Besides, the heroine laments how the money is no longer upheld by gold. So, the currency lacks any value, but the Americans trust in it. To Alexis, that is even scarier. The influencer believes that only cryptocurrency could salvage America’s economy.

The economy is on the verge of falling

The outspoken model also pointed to a falling economy. She alluded the currency printing circus is a sequence that never stops. “America is in arrears, the country is aware. We continue striving! We print notes to repay loans. Yet, we grow deeper in them. It’s an unending process.” She stated. Also, Alexis feels that the economy is unsustainable. So, she hinted at what Americans want. “All Americans want is a sustainable economy, one that can adjust with them.” She added.

The discussion brought out the model’s love for cryptos and NFTs. Alexis founded Yourstage.io. The firm recently made public its intentions to add NFTs to its brand. Henceforth, the firm will accept NFTs for subscriptions alternatively of cash payments. Giving her final remarks, Ren urged people to invest in crypto.

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