Social media app Voice names ex-Forbes exec as CEO

Touted as the next big competitor to networking sites like Facebook and Twitter the next-generation social media app, built by the high-performance blockchain protocol, has hired the ex-global Chief Digital Officer from Forbes, Salah Zalatimo, as its next CEO, an official announcement confirmed it today.

The blockchain-powered social media app Voice was launched last year to bring about the much-needed transparency and alignment to networking platforms. The conventional networking platforms operate by selling confidential user information to advertising companies, pocket the revenue generated from the sale, and bombard our feeds with meaningless advertisements having hidden agendas. Voice brings a welcome change to this trend.

Social media app Voice – changing the face of digital media

Operating on the EOS Public Blockchain, Voice enables content creation, nurturing, and promotion based on user feedback and not rely on bots and fake accounts. It is uniquely positioned to revolutionize the existing social media industry. In June 2019, it announced a public beta to commence sometime next month and the firm’s CEO at the time, Brendan Blumer, confirmed that the firm has high hopes from this project which has already bagged an investment of one hundred and fifty million US dollars ($150 million).

Today, it appointed an influential figure from the popular American magazine, Forbes, as its “captain of the ship.” According to the official press release by Voice, it described its new leader Zalatimo, who is expected to take charge from 20th Jan 2020, a revolutionary digital platform expert and a hardcore blockchain enthusiast.

Voice states that the decision to recruit Zalatimo is in alignment with the firm’s vision to be led and operated by real people who are passionate about blockchain and concur with its overall strategy and mission.

Voice gets a new CEO

The soon-to-depart CEO Blumer said that Zalatimo fits the role perfectly. His contribution to the creation of a futuristic content monetization platform and experience in building unique publishing tools give him an edge over others, Blumer confirmed.

Commenting on his newly-bagged role, Zalatimo asserted that the new era of the digital content platform is primarily driven by blockchain, and Voice’s modern-age tokenization concept is just fundamentally better than others.

To offer background on Zalatimo’s contributions as a Forbes’ digital officer, he became a part of the publishing company in 2015 when Forbes acquired his digital photo-sharing app Camerama. In 2019, he took control of the Forbes’ Digital Group, where he made a remarkable contribution by skyrocketing Forbes’ user base to over one hundred and ten million customers worldwide through the creation of an AI-powered publishing platform.

Featured Image by Pixabay