Singapore Unveils Ambitious Plan to Expand AI Expertise


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  • Singapore aims to become an AI powerhouse, planning to triple its AI experts to 15,000 through local training and global recruitment.
  • The National AI Strategy 2.0 includes increased government incentives, support for AI startups, and strategic partnerships for advanced computing.
  • With a $52 million investment, Singapore is advancing AI capabilities through the National Multimodal LLM Programme, emphasizing cultural inclusivity in AI development.

In a bold move aimed at solidifying its position as a global hub for artificial intelligence (AI) development, Singapore has unveiled its National AI Strategy 2.0. Spearheaded by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Lawrence Wong, the comprehensive strategy outlines ambitious initiatives to bolster the nation’s AI capabilities over the next three to five years.

Under the revamped strategy, Singapore aims to significantly expand its pool of AI experts to 15,000. This surge in talent will be achieved through a two-pronged approach — fostering local talent and attracting skilled professionals from overseas. The nation, already home to the Asian headquarters of tech giants like Google and Microsoft, is positioning itself as a magnet for global AI talent.

Government incentives and support for AI startups

As part of the strategy, the Singaporean government is committing to ramping up incentives for the AI sector. This includes substantial support for accelerator programs dedicated to nurturing AI startups. In a bid to encourage innovation and excellence, the government is also urging companies to establish AI “centers of excellence.”

Strategic high-performance computing partnerships

Recognizing the critical role of advanced computing infrastructure, Singapore is set to fortify its high-performance computing resources. Collaborations with chipmakers and cloud service providers will be a cornerstone in this effort. By strengthening these partnerships, the nation aims to ensure a robust foundation for AI research and development.

Aiming to push the boundaries of AI capabilities, Singapore recently introduced the National Multimodal LLM Programme (NMLP). With a hefty investment of $52 million, this initiative is poised to lay the groundwork for diverse text-to-speech or text-to-image generative systems. The program not only signifies a financial commitment but also reflects the nation’s dedication to advancing research and engineering capabilities for multi-modal large language models.

In a bid to ensure that AI development is inclusive and reflective of the nation’s rich diversity, Singapore is taking strides to develop an AI model that comprehends and generates human language. This initiative will incorporate the diverse cultures and languages of Southeast Asia, showcasing Singapore’s commitment to responsible and culturally sensitive AI.

A responsible and trusted AI ecosystem in the making

Singapore’s National AI Strategy 2.0 outlines a comprehensive roadmap for the nation’s foray into the future of AI. With a commitment to tripling its AI experts, reinforcing local training initiatives, and fortifying international partnerships, Singapore is strategically positioning itself to foster a responsible and trusted AI ecosystem in the region.

As the nation embarks on this transformative journey, the global AI community watches closely. Singapore’s unwavering commitment to responsible AI development, coupled with substantial investments and strategic partnerships, positions the city-state as a key player in shaping the future of artificial intelligence.

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