Singapore MAS sets robust crypto framework for 2024

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  • Singapore MAS has introduced a new regulatory framework for digital payment token service providers to strengthen governance and operational standards in the crypto sector.
  • MAS mandates retail investors to complete a risk awareness assessment before investing in cryptocurrencies, aiming to increase awareness of associated risks.
  • The new regulations prohibit DPTSPs from offering incentives to retail investors, reflecting MAS’s commitment to protecting the public from high-risk financial activities.


In a significant development for the cryptocurrency sector, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has detailed its latest regulatory framework to enhance the governance and operational standards of digital payment token service providers (DPTSPs). This move aligns with the MAS’s ongoing commitment to ensuring a secure and robust digital finance environment.

Singapore MAS restricts leverage in crypto trading

A key aspect of the MAS’s new regulations is the focus on safeguarding retail investors. To this end, the MAS mandates that all retail investors complete a risk awareness assessment before engaging in cryptocurrency investments. This measure aims to enhance investor awareness of the risks associated with such investments.

Further strengthening investor protection, the MAS stipulates that DPTSPs are prohibited from offering incentives to attract retail investors. This decision reflects the MAS’s proactive approach to safeguarding the interests of the public against potentially high-risk financial activities.

In a notable restriction, the MAS has ruled that DPTSPs cannot offer debt-financed or leveraged transactions to retail traders. This regulation is intended to mitigate the risks associated with high-risk trading strategies, often amplified by leverage.

The Singapore MAS new framework also emphasizes the need for operational integrity among crypto firms. Companies must distinguish between operational roles, such as market-making and brokerage services. This separation is crucial to prevent conflicts of interest and ensure transparent operations.

Crypto firms are also expected to uphold robust standards in managing technology and cyber risks. High systems availability, effective incident recovery procedures, and stringent user data protection measures are mandated under the new regulations. These requirements align with the Singapore MAS focus on maintaining a high cybersecurity standard in the financial sector.

Additionally, in the interest of transparency, DPTSPs that list self-issued tokens must disclose relevant information to their customers. This requirement aims to provide investors with comprehensive information to make informed decisions.

MAS focuses on integrity and transparency in crypto

The MAS has announced that these regulations will be mandated in early 2024, with a nine-month transition period for companies to comply. This timeline provides a reasonable window for DPTSPs to align their operations with the new regulatory requirements.

In related developments, Singapore-based crypto exchange DigiFT has recently received key regulatory approvals from the Singapore MAS, including a Capital Markets Services (CMS) license and a Recognised Market Operator (RMO) license. DigiFT’s approvals, particularly as the first exchange with an automatic market-making mechanism to complete the MAS’s fintech sandbox program, highlight the regulatory body’s openness to innovative business models within a controlled and secure framework.

Furthermore, fintech companies like Ripple and stablecoin issuer Circle have also been granted Singapore Payment Institution Licenses, indicating the Singapore MAS comprehensive approach to regulating different aspects of the digital asset landscape.

The MAS’s latest regulations represent a significant step in establishing a balanced regulatory environment for cryptocurrency businesses in Singapore. By focusing on investor protection, operational integrity, and transparency, the Singapore MAS is setting a high standard for the cryptocurrency industry in Singapore and potentially as a benchmark for global regulatory practices. The proactive and detailed approach of the MAS in addressing the complexities of the digital asset sector underscores its commitment to fostering a safe and vibrant financial ecosystem.

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