Simpsons roast spurs an NFT gold rush with traders investing millions on knockoff collectibles


  • An NFT collection that blends CryptoPunks’ aesthetics with “The Simpsons” has sold almost $2.5 million in 24 hours, making it OpenSea’s top trending item after the long-running animated show lambasted NFTs in a special episode.
  • Overnight, the floor price of the collection—or the least expensive NFT from a collection that is for sale—increased from 0.03 ETH ($6) to 0.44 ETH ($840). 
  • The Chimpson Official NFT was also among the popular collections that were fostered by the TV show, which currently stands at 7 ETH trading volume on the OpenSea market.

Among the recent events in the crypto world is the frenzy commentary of the digital community on the Simpsons-themed Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The NFT trading community has recently invested in digital artwork amid investors spending millions on knockoff collectibles. 

The tagged NFT saw a surge beginning this week after comments made that saw investors back the asset, adding millions to its cap. The seminal sitcom outperformed other collectibles following the recent episode, recording millions in sales over the past 24 hours. 

The Simpsons-themed Non-Fungible Token

The Simpsons-themed NFT is a digital artwork collection that combines CyptoPunk’s aesthetics with lookalike avatars from “The Simpsons.” The Non-Fungible Token has recently surged in the past day, recording over $2.5 million in sales. 

Its recent market value increase has topped other NFT players in the digital space, trending on the OpenSea marketplace. The major reason behind this surge is the response of the NFT trader community, who influenced its price following the recent Simpsons episode that roasted NFTs. 

The NFT Community’s reaction launched the unofficial Springfield Punks collection as a free mint on Sunday. This was followed by traders quickly collecting the 3,405 Ethereum NFT, which greatly affected its market value. 

Since the launch last weekend, the project has recorded a huge amount of sales totaling 1,311 ETH, which totaled to $2.48 million trading volume. This is based on ETH’s current market price of $1,894 at the time of writing. 

Reporting this Simpsons NFT surge was the OpenSea market that ranked the artwork as a trending collection. At that time, the Springfield Punks NFT recorded a tag of 0.11 ETH, which is about $200 each, in the secondary NFT marketplace. 

Currently, at the time of writing, a single NFT from the collection stands at 0.1369 ETH  $259.3 as its floor price, with an increase in trading volume of 721.45 ETH. Approximate 1,075 pieces of the NFT have owners with a real-time total market capitalization of $1,815,223.

Ring Russo, a renowned NFT parody artist, is the enthusiast behind the launch of the Springfield Punks collectibles that went live on Sunday night. Currently, the artist has earned 5% on his creations, with total sales of 8,149, following a market cap of 469.89 ETH linked to his collection. 

Other NFT performances

The collection stands behind CryptoPunks (1,893 ETH) and the Bored Ape Yacht Club (2,412 ETH). Other NFTs also took their inspiration from “The Simpsons” episode and rallied a performance on the OpenSea marketplace on Monday. Among them included “SimpsPunks.” 

Additionally, The Chimpson Official NFT was also among the popular collections that were fostered by the TV show, which currently stands at 7 ETH trading volume on the OpenSea market, with a floor price of 0.0102 ETH. Together with Rion Russo’s Springfield Apes, the surge in this collection has made an impact on the secondary market, making a listing among the trending assets that made the front page on OpenSea. 

The Chimpson Official NFT collection was launched in September and has held its top position amid the wake of The Simpsons Sunday episode. With a total volume of 1,358 ETH, the digital artwork currently has 2,284 owners from its 6,998-item collection. The NFT also has a daily volume of 12.72 ETH and 647 sales. This records a 1,272% increase since its launch. 

Following the recent roast from the episode, the cheapest item from the collection that was available for sale surged from 0.03 ETH ($6) to a surprising 0.44 ETH, which was worth $840. 

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