Siberian crypto-mining church lands into court over power drainage

Russia is among the countries where crypto mining isn’t illegal which is why a church in Siberia retorted to crypto mining on top of a subsidized power tariff as per the Russian law.

Nongovernment organizations (NGOs) and nonprofit organizations (NPOs) in Russia enjoy a reduced power tariff as per the law. Having entitled a reduced power tariff, the church administration has been dragged to the court owing to the extra power drained from the premise.

It has been reported that the power drained at the church was used for crypto mining however it is not clear whether someone at the church decided to run extra miles beyond the repairs and essentials or it was a hack into the church.

The power company, on the other hand, denies any hacks or power theft apparent to their technicians leaving only the church administration. The extra usage on the grid is going to cost them USD 16,000.

The power company, if the church loses the case, would also lift the reductions on the church’s tariff. If the church loses this case it would mark a new history in the crypt-timeline that may also lead to legislative measures against power usage without prior approvals.

Russia happens to be one of the most thriving markets in the crypto-space where below zero temperature helps in keeping the hardware cool and yield better mileage of the same hardware.