Shiba Inu team member’s bullish outlook for SHIB


  • Top wallet withdrawals signal a bullish outlook for SHIB.
  • Sentiment report boosts SHIB investor confidence.
  • Analysts see potential for price growth in SHIB.

In a recent development, Lucie, a key member of the Shiba Inu team, has disseminated a bullish message on social media regarding the long-term potential of the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency (SHIB). The optimism stems from a report by Sentiment, an on-chain data aggregator, which has revealed significant altcoin withdrawals from cryptocurrency exchanges, including Shiba Inu. Top wallet holders interpret this action as a positive long-term signal for SHIB.

Santiment report highlights SHIB and other Altcoins

The Santiment report has garnered attention by showcasing a trend of large amounts of altcoins withdrawn from exchanges, particularly by the top 10 wallet holders. Shiba Inu (SHIB) has been among the cryptocurrencies experiencing this withdrawal trend. According to the report, these top wallet holders are reducing their exposure to SHIB on exchanges, a move often perceived as a bullish signal for the asset’s long-term prospects.

Altcoin outflows from top exchanges

The report points out that while market participants have been closely monitoring cryptocurrencies like ADA andSOL; they have also been paying attention to Ethereum (ETH), Shiba Inu (SHIB), FetchAI (FET), and Dent (DENT). This heightened interest is due to the top 10 blockchain wallets actively withdrawing these coins from the top 10 cryptocurrency exchange wallets. Historically, such actions have been associated with a positive outlook for the coins involved.

Santiment’s tweet emphasizes the long-term bullish sentiment surrounding SHIB and other cryptocurrencies subject to significant withdrawals from exchanges. Over the past three months, the top largest SHIB wallets have seen withdrawals totaling $54.6 million, equivalent to 5,180,265,654,648 meme coins. Non-exchange whales has orchestrated these withdrawals, signaling a shift in SHIB ownership dynamics.

Significant amounts withdrawn from exchanges

Other cryptocurrencies have also witnessed substantial withdrawals from exchanges. Ethereum (ETH) leads the pack, with $778.7 million worth of ETH being removed from exchanges during the same period. FetchAI (FET) and Dent (DENT) have also seen withdrawals of $48.2 million and $867,500, respectively.

The repeated emphasis on the long-term bullish signal indicates a growing belief among cryptocurrency enthusiasts that SHIB is progressing toward a prosperous future. While. short-term market fluctuations are a common occurrence in the volatile cryptocurrency space, the sustained withdrawal of SHIB from exchange wallets by non-exchange whales signifies a strong conviction in its potential.

Cryptocurrency analysts have chimed in on the Santiment report, acknowledging the significance of these withdrawal trends. They underline that such actions by major wallet holders often precede a period of price growth and stability for the respective cryptocurrencies.

SHIB investors remain optimistic

The recent Santiment report highlighting the withdrawal of significant Shiba Inu (SHIB) and other altcoins from cryptocurrency exchanges has instilled confidence among SHIB investors. The long-term bullish sentiment is supported by the belief that these withdrawals signal a positive trajectory for SHIB’s future. While cryptocurrency markets are renowned for their volatility, the commitment shown by top wallet holders in reducing their exchange exposure to SHIB reinforces the optimistic outlook for this meme coin.

Investors and enthusiasts will be keenly watching how these developments unfold and whether the trend continues. As cryptocurrency evolves, only time will tell whether SHIB’s journey to success remains on course or takes unexpected turns. In the meantime, the Shiba Inu community remains hopeful and anticipates a bright future for their beloved meme coin.

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