Shiba Inu community anticipates ICANN approval for SHIB names


  • The Shiba Inu development team and D3 Global launch SHIB Names, a domain service for the community.
  • An exclusive early access promotion offers a 69% discount with the code “SHIBARMY.”
  • The service aims to integrate Shiba Inu enthusiasts into the Web3 ecosystem more seamlessly.

The Shiba Inu development team, in collaboration with D3 Global, has announced the launch of “SHIB Names,” a domain name service designed for the Shiba Inu community. This launch marks a pivotal moment for the SHIB ecosystem, offering users a unique opportunity to secure their own Shiba Inu-themed domain names. To celebrate the occasion, an exclusive early access promotion has been introduced, providing a substantial 69% discount to users who utilize the coupon code “SHIBARMY” during their purchase on the official SHIB Name registration portal.

The introduction of SHIB Names represents a significant step forward in enhancing the digital identity within the Web3 space for Shiba Inu supporters. By visiting the dedicated portal users can search for and register their desired SHIB names. If available, the chosen name can be added to a cart and secured through a streamlined checkout process, with options for payment via cryptocurrency or credit card.

Shiba Inu community figures to release coupons

The pricing structure for SHIB Names is designed to be accessible, with standard names being offered at $10 annually and premium names at $50. Premium options include distinctive names such as sellershib, voiceshib, and earnshib, among others. It’s important to note that SHIB Names currently use a star () instead of a traditional dot (.) due to compatibility limitations with Web3 applications. Efforts are underway to secure approval from ICANN for a dot extension that would ensure full DNS compatibility, broadening the utility and acceptance of SHIB Names across the internet.

The promotion associated with the launch allows users to claim a 69% discount on their initial purchase of up to 20 SHIB Names. This offer is valid for the first 69 hours following the early access launch, aiming to incentivize quick adoption among the community. In addition, several prominent figures within the Shiba Inu community are expected to release their personalized coupon codes, further engaging the community and encouraging participation.

Beyond domain names: A gateway to web3

The SHIB Names initiative is more than just a domain name service; it’s an integral part of the broader vision to integrate Shiba Inu enthusiasts into the Web3 ecosystem seamlessly. The service promises to offer a simple, multichain wallet address that users can access across various blockchains, facilitating ease of use and enhancing the user experience in decentralized finance (DeFi), gaming finance (GameFi), and social finance (SocialF) platforms.

Furthermore, SHIB Names are envisioned to serve as infrastructure identifiers for a range of decentralized services, including smart contracts and nodes. This functionality underscores the project’s ambition to provide a foundational element for the digital identity and operations of Shiba Inu supporters within the blockchain space.

The launch of SHIB Names by the Shiba Inu development team and D3 Global marks a significant milestone in the cryptocurrency community’s journey towards a more integrated and user-friendly Web3 environment. With the promise of substantial discounts and the potential for widespread application across various blockchain platforms, SHIB Names are poised to become a key component of the Shiba Inu ecosystem, offering users not only a unique form of digital identity but also a versatile tool for navigating the expanding universe of decentralized applications.

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