Seoul Launches AIRIS Preparatory Group to Boost Global Presence for Medical AI Products


  • Seoul and the U.S. unite to host AIRIS 2024, a global symposium on AI in medical products regulation.
  • Korea’s recognized leadership in AI regulation positions it as a global standard-setter.
  • AIRIS 2024 aims to propel Korea into a global hub for bio-digital health.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) has taken a significant step towards establishing a global presence for medical AI products. In collaboration with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), MFDS has initiated the formation of the AIRIS 2024 Preparatory Planning Team to organize the “AI Regulatory and International Symposium 2024 (AIRIS 2024).” The symposium, co-hosted by South Korea and the United States, is set to take place in Seoul from February 26 to 29, 2024, and aims to bring together medical product regulators from around the world.

Leading the preparatory planning team is Vice Minister of Food and Drug Safety, Kim Yoo-mi. The inception of AIRIS 2024 follows South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol’s visit to the U.S. last year, where he established the Korea-U.S. Alliance for Advanced Science and Technology. Since then, MFDS has been actively promoting the symposium to showcase its commitment to advancing AI-based medical products.

Global recognition for Korea’s regulatory expertise in AI medical products

Korea has garnered international recognition for its prowess in regulating medical products that incorporate AI technology. This acknowledgment positions Korea as a frontrunner in shaping global regulatory standards in the field. AIRIS 2024 is poised to be a pivotal event where Korean and U.S. medical product regulators extend invitations to their counterparts from across the globe.

Symposium highlights and objectives

The AIRIS 2024 Symposium will serve as a platform for industry leaders, academia, and regulatory bodies to engage in discussions on various aspects of AI-based medical products. The agenda will span topics ranging from emerging trends in AI-driven medical product development to the prospects and international regulatory strategies that will shape the industry’s future.

AIRIS 2024 preparatory planning team’s mandate

The AIRIS 2024 Preparatory Planning Team is fully committed to showcasing Korea’s exceptional regulatory capabilities on the global stage. Their responsibilities include planning and executing the event program, extending invitations to domestic and international guests, and undertaking both domestic and international public relations campaigns.

For further details on the event, including the program outline and registration process, interested parties can visit the official website at [https://airis2024.org](https://airis2024.org).

A strong Korea-U.S. alliance for advanced science and technology

In addition to hosting AIRIS 2024, MFDS is actively pursuing technical cooperation with the U.S. FDA as part of the Korea-U.S. Alliance for Advanced Science and Technology. This alliance aims to position South Korea as a global leader in regulating high-tech innovations, particularly in the realm of AI medical products. Since June, MFDS has been diligently preparing for an international symposium that will convene regulators from around the world, facilitating practical discussions to drive global regulation forward.

Promising prospects for Korea’s role in bio-digital health

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety anticipates that AIRIS 2024 will serve as a catalyst, propelling South Korea towards becoming a global hub for bio-digital health. The robust Korea-U.S. high-tech alliance is seen as a driving force behind this endeavor. MFDS pledges to continue its dedicated efforts to lead the way in establishing international standards for medical products that harness advanced technologies.

Seoul’s launch of the AIRIS 2024 Preparatory Planning Team signals a significant milestone in South Korea’s quest to establish a global presence in the field of AI-based medical products. The upcoming symposium, co-hosted with the U.S., promises to be a pivotal event that brings together regulators, industry experts, and academics from around the world. Korea’s expertise in regulating medical products incorporating AI technology has garnered international acclaim, positioning the nation at the forefront of global regulatory efforts. The ministry, along with its partners, is dedicated to advancing the bio-digital health industry and setting international standards for cutting-edge medical technologies. For those interested in participating or learning more about the event, the official website [https://airis2024.org](https://airis2024.org) provides comprehensive information, including the event’s program and registration details.

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