Australian broker SelfWealth to add crypto assets for its customers

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TL;DR Breakdown

• SelfWealth will trade with Bitcoin at the end of the year.
• The crypto assets purchase can be completed on a single platform.

The Australian company, SelfWealth, announced that it would include new crypto assets in its collection by the end of the year. All this happens while cryptocurrencies are accepted worldwide as a means of payment and investment.

SelfWealth is in the eye of crypto investors because it will join the decentralized market in the coming months. The company has around 95000 users, and all of them will have the freedom to join the cryptocurrency market if they wish. With this new investment modality added by the stockbroker in Australia, Bitcoin is expected to top the list for negotiations.

SelfWealth statistics strengthen crypto assets

crypto assets

The Australian company notes that nearly 60 percent of its clients want to invest in crypto. Even a percentage of these users already have crypto assets with which they have made many profits. With this new form of marketing, SelfWealth can promote cryptocurrencies across Australia.

The stockbroker has been in business for almost ten years and arose from the high demand from traders in Australia. Stock-buying enthusiasts had to cover a disproportionate amount in commissions, but with SelfWealth, clients don’t have to pay high commissions.

The company stands out for including a one-time payment to purchase shares in Australia and the United States. For now, SelfWealth will use a platform based on Blockchain technology to control its crypto assets. The only difference is that the transaction ecosystem will be faster than the other crypto brokers.

SelfWealth has had a good run in both quarters of the year, experiencing an increase in its income. This prestigious Australian company is expected to increase its shares, investors, and crypto ecosystem at the country’s borders.

Does Australia accept cryptocurrencies?

Although there is no official announcement on the cryptocurrencies acceptance in Australia, the news surrounding them has been positive. As indicated by some local media, many citizens negotiate with crypto assets, making the market grow.

However, many crypto fans suggest there are several very limited crypto trading platforms. Therefore, there is an imbalance among investors because they cannot find which platform to use.

SelfWealth solves that crypto trading problem in Australia with a single platform. Investors can save a lot of energy and time in future trading.

Although some regions in the world are slowing the cryptocurrencies growth, Australia could be doing the opposite. This is a new financial era where potential players from the country are joining the movement. El Salvador and the United States cling to these new negotiations indicating that the crypto will not be the ‘wild west’ for long

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