Sega Bolsters Transmedia Strategy with Industry Veteran Justin Scarpone


  • Sega hires Justin Scarpone, ex-Disney & Scopely exec, for transmedia expansion.
  • Scarpone to lead Sega IPs like Persona & Sonic into new media forms.
  • Sega’s transmedia strategy aims to enrich fan experience across platforms.

In a strategic move to enhance its presence across various media platforms, Sega has announced the appointment of Justin Scarpone, a former Disney and Scopely executive, as the new executive vice president and global head of transmedia. This appointment, set to take effect on April 1, 2024, signifies Sega’s commitment to expanding its intellectual property (IP) beyond traditional gaming. Scarpone brings a wealth of experience from his tenure at Disney, where he contributed significantly to the consumer products and interactive division for 17 years, followed by a leadership role at Scopely, a company known for successful titles like Monopoly Go! and Stumble Guys.

Leveraging rich IP for broader entertainment avenues

Sega’s initiative to establish a Global Transmedia Group under Scarpone’s leadership aims to propel the company’s renowned IPs, including Persona, Like a Dragon, and Angry Birds, into new entertainment domains. This strategic direction is not only a testament to Sega’s ambition to diversify its portfolio but also reflects a growing trend in the entertainment industry where video game franchises extend their reach into movies, TV series, merchandise, and other consumer products.

The success of the Sonic the Hedgehog movies has underscored the potential of game-based IPs in the film industry, prompting Sega to explore similar opportunities for its other major franchises. With Scarpone at the helm, the company is poised to advance its transmedia strategy, focusing on delivering innovative consumer products, compelling new stories, and unique entertainment services. His statement on LinkedIn highlights a fan-centric approach, promising to leverage Sega’s rich IP catalog to engage communities worldwide with fresh narratives and experiences.

A strategic vision for future growth

Sega’s move to hire a figure with Scarpone’s background and expertise reflects a broader industry trend where companies are looking to cross-pollinate their IPs across various entertainment mediums. The transmedia strategy is not merely about adaptation but about creating a cohesive ecosystem where each medium—be it games, movies, TV shows, or merchandise—contributes to and enriches the overall narrative and brand experience.

The video game industry is increasingly recognizing the value of transmedia storytelling as a way to extend the lifecycle of IPs, deepen audience engagement, and tap into new revenue streams. By integrating its IPs across multiple platforms, Sega aims to create a more immersive world for its fans, thereby fostering a stronger, more connected community.

This approach also opens up new creative avenues, allowing for the exploration of characters, stories, and settings that may not be feasible within the constraints of a video game. It presents an opportunity for Sega to collaborate with partners across the entertainment industry, bringing fresh perspectives to its storied franchises.

Justin Scarpone’s appointment as Sega’s executive vice president and global head of transmedia marks a pivotal moment in the company’s strategic direction. With an impressive track record at Disney and Scopely, Scarpone is well-equipped to drive Sega’s ambitions of transforming its iconic video game IPs into multifaceted entertainment properties. As the boundaries between different forms of media continue to blur, Sega’s proactive approach positions it at the forefront of this evolving landscape, promising exciting developments for fans and stakeholders alike. With a clear focus on storytelling, innovation, and community engagement, Sega is set to redefine the possibilities of video game franchises in the broader entertainment spectrum.

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