SEC to appoint a legal advisor for cryptocurrency and blockchain sphere

The Securities and Exchange Commission of the USA has decided to have a legal adviser for making decisions regarding crypto. This legal advisor has to be a crypto expert. For this purpose SEC of the USA has posted a job offering and is willing to hire people for the position. The job posting page suggests that the purpose to hire a legal advisor who is also a crypto expert is to create a complete plan to deal with the crypto asset securities.

The duties of the legal advisor were also described. One of the duties of the advisor is that they need to apply their knowledge of federal securities laws to crypto matters, such as dealings with cryptocurrency exchanges, transactions in crypto and tradings in the crypto space, etc.

The job offerings page suggests that the person who gets hired will be appointed as the lead representative in the FinTech Working Group and as a link with the Digital Assets Working Group. They will also work as the representative for other such groups.

The requirements for applying for the job include having a J.D or an LL.B degree. The candidate should be on good terms with the FBA as well. Experience of four years in the field of law is required as well.

The probation period is of two years with the annual salary ranging from one hundred forty-four thousand eight hundred fifty dollars to two hundred thirty-eight thousand seven hundred eighty-seven dollars ( $144,850 – $238,787 ). The due date for applying is 12th April 2019.

This job offer obviously states that the SEC is making an effort to make the regulations for the crypto space as workable and efficient as possible. This suggests that the SEC is doing everything in its power to make better decisions regarding crypto space.

SEC to appoint a legal advisor for cryptocurrency and blockchain sphere


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