SEC Commissioner Mark Uyeda expresses concerns over spot Bitcoin ETF approval


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  • SEC Commissioner Mark Uyeda is concerned about approving Bitcoin ETFs, citing unequal treatment and lack of explanation.
  • He fears long-term effects on crypto regulation from the SEC’s decision.
  • Bitcoin ETF approval is big for crypto, but Uyeda’s worries stress the need for clear rules.

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently approved multiple fund managers’ applications to list spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). While this decision marked a significant milestone for the cryptocurrency industry, it has not been without its critics. SEC Commissioner Mark Uyeda, who voted in favor of the approvals, has voiced “strong concerns” regarding three key aspects of the approval order. 

His statements reflect the landmark nature of the decision and the potential implications for future regulatory decisions.

The SEC’s approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs garnered widespread attention, representing a major step toward mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrencies. This decision allowed various fund managers to offer ETFs that track the price of Bitcoin, providing investors with more accessible and regulated exposure to the world’s most prominent cryptocurrency.

However, concerns have arisen even within the ranks of those who voted in favor of the approvals.

Commissioner Uyeda’s concerns

Commissioner Mark Uyeda, who supported the Bitcoin ETF applications, has expressed reservations regarding the analytical approach employed by the commission in reaching its decision. He believes the SEC’s rationale and legal analysis could have lasting consequences and set a precedent for future regulatory actions. Commissioner Uyeda’s concerns primarily revolve around three key aspects of the approval order.

Treating Bitcoin differently

One of Commissioner Uyeda’s primary concerns is the SEC’s approach to Bitcoin, which he believes is inconsistent with its treatment of other commodities. According to Uyeda, the SEC missed an opportunity to treat Bitcoin like any other commodity, failing to acknowledge its unique characteristics fully. 

He argues that spot Bitcoin ETF applications should have been approved long ago under a more equitable standard.

The SEC historically applied a “significant size” test to Bitcoin ETFs, and Uyeda contends that this approach unfairly singled out spot Bitcoin ETFs. This viewpoint raises questions about the impartiality of the SEC’s previous evaluations and whether Bitcoin, as an asset, has been given a fair opportunity to enter the traditional financial market.

Lack of explanation

Commissioner Uyeda’s second concern centers on the approval order’s failure to provide adequate explanations for treating spot Bitcoin ETFs differently from futures ETFs. Under the “significant market” test, Uyeda asserts there is a lack of clarity in the SEC’s reasoning for maintaining this distinction. 

He argues that the approval order should have provided a more comprehensive and transparent explanation for the ongoing differentiation between these two categories of ETFs.

Potential long-term ramifications

Commissioner Uyeda’s final concern pertains to the potential long-term repercussions of the SEC’s decision and its reasoning. He worries that the flawed reasoning in the approval order could have far-reaching effects, setting a precedent that may impact future regulatory actions in the cryptocurrency space. 

Uyeda’s apprehension underscores the importance of clear and consistent regulatory guidelines to foster innovation and growth within the crypto industry while ensuring investor protection.

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