Sea of Thieves Teases Possible Multi-Platform Release Amidst Speculation


  • Sea of Thieves hinted at going multi-platform, exciting fans.
  • Microsoft may bring more exclusive games to other platforms, including Sea of Thieves.
  • Xbox’s February 15th, 2024, business update could clarify Sea of Thieves’ future.

In a recent Valentine’s Day-themed social media post, the official Sea of Thieves Twitter account hinted at potential multi-platform expansion for the popular action-adventure game, stirring up speculation among fans and industry observers alike. 

The cryptic post, which featured a poetic verse referencing the colors of rowboats, has ignited rumors of Sea of Thieves making its way to Nintendo and PlayStation consoles and its current availability on Xbox and PC platforms.

Teaser sparks speculation

On February 14th, 2024, the Sea of Thieves Twitter account shared a Valentine’s Day poem, playfully alluding to the colors associated with various gaming platforms. The verse, “Rowboats are red, / And sometimes they’re blue, / Other times they’re green, / Occasionally they can be white…” prompted speculation among followers regarding the game’s potential expansion to other consoles.

Interpretation and response

Fans quickly dissected the poem, associating the colors mentioned with different gaming platforms. The prevailing interpretation suggests “red” signifies Nintendo, “blue” represents PlayStation, and “green” signifies Xbox, leaving room for speculation regarding the platform symbolized by “white.” 

This interpretation was echoed in responses from Twitter users, with many expressing excitement or apprehension about the prospect of Sea of Thieves going multi-platform.

Industry insights and rumors

The speculation surrounding Sea of Thieves’ potential multi-platform release is not without foundation. Recent discussions on platforms such as the Nate the Hate podcast have hinted at Microsoft’s intention to bring some of its acclaimed exclusives to other consoles, with Sea of Thieves among the titles mentioned. 

Reports from reputable sources like The Verge and XboxEra have also fueled rumors of other Xbox exclusives, such as Hi-Fi Rush, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, and Starfield, making their way to additional platforms.

Xbox business update

Amidst these swirling rumors, Xbox is set to clarify its plans during an upcoming business update. Xbox head Phil Spencer has announced that the update will outline the company’s vision, addressing recent reports and controversies surrounding Xbox exclusivity. 

The event is scheduled for February 15th, 2024, during the Official Xbox Podcast, offering fans and industry observers a clearer picture of what to expect in the coming months.

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