Sea of Thieves Receives First Update Since PS5 Release

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  • Sea of Thieves has received updates soon after its release for PlayStation 5.
  • Sea of Thieves was released for PlayStation 5 just a few days ago, on April 30th, making history as an Xbox-published game. 
  • Concurrently, Season 12 of the game went live and was accompanied by a bunch of new content to experience. 

Sea of Thieves update version has just been released, and it comes with a bunch of updates to the game. The updates fixed some gameplay issues that have begun to appear since its launch. A significant part of the updates also focused on the Megalodon, fixing the notorious problem of the Megalodon being unwilling to face combat against other players. 

The latest hotfix to the game addresses gameplay issues that players have been having since its launch. Rare, a Microdost company that published Sea of Thieves, also released updates regarding the War Chest and the Pirate Emporium. The Microsoft Rare team also revamped the performance of Sea of Thieves on Xbox platforms.

Sea of Thieves Update Patch Notes  and Issues Fixed  

Sea of Thieves is a pirate adventure game that offers a thrilling pirate experience through intense battles and the ability to vanquish sea monsters.  The game currently provides access to digital bonus media with its revised version,

Considering the captivating nature of the game and the new updates released, Sea of Thieves currently boasts a good review on Steam, rated as “Very Positive.”

Patch notes and Updates

Sea of  Thieves has made adjustments to its gameplay, fixing some issues earlier experienced by gamers since the new release. For instance, it had been reported several times that Megalodon could, at times, become indifferent, failing to pose a fight against attacking crews. This update ensures that Megadolon remains active during combat and can engage crews throughout the game.

Also, the updates fix an issue where players erroneously gained access to many throwing knives, which they could throw faster than they initially desired. The Sea of Thieves update also fixed a shooting issue where shooting a ranged weapon at a player holding a Gunpowder Barrel occasionally hit and detonated the Player first instead of the barrel first.       

Aside from the gameplay changes, the War Chest has also been made, allowing players to fire a bone caller at Skeleton Ships to progress to the Skeleton squared commendation. 

The price of digital assets under Pirate Emporium, such as the Blow Bubbles Emote, has been revised to 149 ancient coins from 249, and those who spent 249 will be reimbursed 100 Ancient Coins. 

The Sea of Thieves update also enforced a performance and stability update that will fix the issue on the Xbox console where players experienced irregular gameplay when trying to play Sea of Thieves before the full game package was installed.                                             

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