Scoota and Ternio partner up to advertise for BMW and others

Scoota, a branding company with many high profile clients like Land Rover BMW and IKEA has unveiled a partnership with Ternio a digital advertising company. The blockchain platform provided by Ternio will help Scoota in increasing the transparency of their ad spend and therefore will provide them with a better and more efficient visualization of the ad supply chain.

This system will implement the features of Lexicon, enabling the efficient modeling and delivery of high-quality Ad formats across the globe. The blockchain will offer these services without compromising band safety, and creative execution as the technology offers a completely programmatic platform with higher transparency. This partnership will extend to Scoota clients like BMW etc.

Scoota offers a secure and reliable program that allows detecting any unusual activity on the network, which connects to the viewers instantaneously. This allows verification of real-time viewers and enables the service provider to remove bots and improve the accuracy of the ad spend.

Addition of blockchain technology makes the platform more transparent all-the-while making it more secure and reliable with decentralized ledgers. This feature of Scoota will become one of the revolutionizing leaps of companies in both embracing blockchains and the advertisement industry.

This will also allow the clients to view where their ad dollars are being spent and assist in removing the fake traffic from the network. According to Ternio’s co-founder, this will provide the clients with an in-depth insight of their ads.

Meanwhile, Scoota’s founder said that he found blockchains astonishing and that he believed in their potential. Moreover, he stated that he looks forward to seeing what they can do together with Ternio’s super-fast platform.