Scholars and Innovators Collaborate to Transform Quranic Understanding with AI


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  • AI integration empowers Quranic understanding, bridging knowledge gaps for all.
  • ‘Jom Celik Al-Quran’ blends tradition with innovation, fostering Quranic love.
  • Collaboration of scholars and tech pioneers revolutionizes Quranic studies.

KUALA LUMPUR – The Federal Territories Islamic Religious Council (MAIWP) has extended an invitation to Islamic scholars and technology investors, particularly those in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), to collaborate in the development of an AI-powered Quran. This initiative aims to harness the potential of AI to enhance the accessibility and understanding of the Quran.

AI: Revolutionizing Quranic understanding

Chairman of MAIWP, Tan Sri Dr. Mohd Daud Bakar, highlighted the transformative potential of AI in deciphering the Quran’s profound knowledge. He emphasized that AI, with its applications in comprehension, cognitive abilities, coherency, and inclusivity, can be harnessed to enhance the study of the Quran. 

Dr. Bakar pointed out that the Quran, as the most consistent book with its own algorithm, should be integrated into AI to facilitate a deeper understanding and appreciation of its teachings.

Dr. Bakar stated, “This is a challenge for scholars as well. We have ‘AI-ed’ many things, but we may be afraid or unwilling to AI the Quran. Perhaps it is the right time to call upon scholars and Islamic thinkers because the Quran has consistent data and algorithms from the Creator, making its knowledge more easily organized for us to implement AI in the Quran. It just requires courage.”

He further emphasized that the integration of AI into the Quran could bridge gaps and make it more accessible to non-Muslims, promoting a transparent understanding of this sacred text.

The ‘Jom Celik Al-Quran’ Programme

The announcement was made during the Quran recitation ceremony as part of the ‘Jom Celik Al-Quran’ Programme in 2023. This event, marked by the ‘khatam al-Quran’ (completion of Quranic reading) ceremony, is organized annually by MAIWP’s Human Development Division (BPI) Publicity Unit in collaboration with the Institut Pengajian Al-Quran (IPaQ). 

The program, which commenced in 2020, aims to encourage all Muslim communities in the federal territory to read the Quran proficiently while fostering a deeper appreciation for its teachings.

This year’s program included 62 participants from three Quran study locations: Kampung Limau People’s Housing Project, Darul Ilmi Senior Citizen Study Centre in Sungai Penchala, and Dar Assaadah Centre.

Fostering Quranic recitation and understanding

The ‘Jom Celik Al-Quran’ Programme underscores the commitment to enhancing Quranic recitation skills and nurturing a love for the words of Allah SWT among Muslim communities. 

With AI’s potential integration, this mission takes a significant step towards making the Quran more comprehensible to all, regardless of their faith.

The initiative has the potential to revolutionize Quranic studies by using AI to unlock deeper layers of meaning and understanding in this sacred text.

By combining the wisdom of Islamic scholars with the capabilities of AI technology, it is hoped that the Quran’s timeless message can reach a wider and more diverse audience.

Calling on islamic scholars and tech innovators

The invitation to Islamic scholars and technology investors signals a collaborative effort to leverage the power of AI for the benefit of Quranic studies. 

By merging traditional Islamic scholarship with cutting-edge technology, this initiative aims to create a more inclusive and accessible platform for exploring the Quran’s teachings.

As the project moves forward, it will require the collective expertise of both Islamic scholars and AI specialists to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the AI-powered Quran. 

This collaboration holds the potential to break down barriers to understanding and appreciation, fostering a deeper connection to the Quran’s teachings for people of all backgrounds.

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