ScanTrust joins LTO Network to work on blockchain QR codes

ScanTrust joins LTO Network to work on blockchain QR codes

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ScanTrust joins LTO Network to collaborate on building blockchain QR codes. ScanTrust is a well-known name in building QR codes that deliver traceability and anti-counterfeiting. On the other hand, LTO Network specializes in optimized blockchain timestamping. The two have joined hands to bring QR codes into the realm of blockchain and decentralized sector.

As blockchain grows to encapsulate more new sectors within its reach, it has to adhere to traditional technologies as well. Enabling QR codes for blockchain processes will only help increase its outreach. They aim to make QR-based decentralized services that help authenticate products, engages consumers and strengthens the supply chain.

ScanTrust joins LTO Network in a bid to develop next-gen QR solutions

QR code is an age-old technology! It has been in existence for twenty-five years. Recently, its use has been declining due to transparency and plagiarism issues. It no longer guarantees total security, especially for product authentication.


Enter ScanTrust! The firm has realized that the uniqueness quotient of the QR code can be best applied to decentralized supply chains. They have developed new-gen QR code technology that delivers more robust security and authentication protocols using secure images. The combination of blockchain and QR code will bring more enterprise clients to their fold.

Timestamping – Combining blockchain with QR technology

Both the blockchain and QR code are similar – they focus on robust security and authentication. ScanTrust joins LTO Network so amalgamate these two agnostic approaches into a single solution with high reliability in the enterprise sector.

The transactions on LTO Network are optimized to make them effective and lighter. The collaboration aims to make this more efficient by adding QR codes into the decentralized workflows at the transaction level. It will help save money, boost speed, and deliver efficient transactions. So, when ScanTrust joins LTO Network, futuristic blockchain solutions are a given.

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