SatoshiVM’s Token Allocation: Laying the Foundations

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  • SatoshiVM announced a token distribution model for its Bitcoin Layer2 project, focusing on ecosystem development, liquidity, and contributor rewards.
  • The successful token issuance marks a significant phase, paving the way for growth and innovation in the cryptocurrency landscape.


SatoshiVM’s announcement of its token distribution model marks a significant milestone in the cryptocurrency sector, particularly for Bitcoin Layer2 projects. With a total supply cap of 21 million SAVM tokens, mirroring Bitcoin’s limit, the distribution model is meticulously designed to ensure a balanced and robust ecosystem. The largest portion, 36.5%, is allocated to ecosystem development, signifying SatoshiVM’s commitment to fostering a thriving and dynamic environment for users and developers. It is not merely a distribution; it’s an investment in the platform’s future, ensuring its growth, adaptability, and sustainability.

Simultaneously, a substantial 30% of the tokens are reserved for liquidity allocation. The foresight underscores the importance of a fluid market for SAVM tokens, ensuring that users can trade with ease and confidence. Liquidity is the cornerstone of any successful cryptocurrency, and the allocation is a testament to the company’s dedication to providing a stable and reliable trading environment. It’s a move that underpins the entire project, providing the necessary market stability to support the ecosystem’s growth and development.

SatoshiVM Empowering contributors and initiatives

Acknowledging the invaluable contributions of the community and project team, SatoshiVM has earmarked 15% of the tokens for contributors. The allocation is a recognition of the hard work and dedication that has brought the project to the stage. It’s a reward for past efforts and an incentive for continued innovation and involvement. By valuing its contributors, SatoshiVM is fostering a culture of collaboration and shared success, which is essential for the long-term sustainability of the project.

Another 15% of the tokens are allocated for bootstrapping the project, a critical phase that lays the groundwork for future growth and development. The allocation ensures that SatoshiVM has the resources to scale, innovate, and navigate the challenges that lie ahead. It’s an investment in the project’s infrastructure, capabilities, and initiatives, enabling SatoshiVM to seize opportunities and strengthen its position in the competitive cryptocurrency market.

Finalizing token issuance and moving forward

In a parallel and equally significant development, Bounce Brand has announced the successful conclusion of the SAVM token issuance, with a notable rise of 10,800 AUCTION tokens. The accomplishment is a testament to the community’s support and confidence in SatoshiVM’s vision and strategy. It marks not just the end of a phase but the beginning of a new chapter, one filled with opportunities and potential for growth.

The smaller allocations for Bounce Finance IDO, APE Terminal IDO, MUBI mining pool, and BSSB mining pool, though modest in percentage, are indicative of SatoshiVM’s commitment to collaboration, innovation, and community engagement. These allocations reflect a broader strategy of partnership and collective growth, crucial in the dynamic and interconnected world of cryptocurrency.


SatoshiVM’s token distribution model is more than a financial plan; it’s a visionary approach to building a sustainable, robust, and dynamic ecosystem. By balancing ecosystem development, liquidity provision, contributor rewards, and bootstrapping, SatoshiVM is not just distributing tokens but investing in the future. The successful conclusion of the SAVM token issuance is a strong endorsement of the strategy, signaling the start of an exciting journey ahead. As SatoshiVM moves forward, it carries the promise of innovation, growth, and a steadfast commitment to its mission of fostering a cutting-edge Bitcoin Layer2 solution. With a clear vision and a structured approach, SatoshiVM is poised to redefine the landscape of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

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