The Sandbox Metaverse NFT sold for $650,000

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• Super Mega Yacht NFT was sold for 149 Ethereum.
• This NFT enters the list of the most expensive NFTs.

The NFT market closes one of the most promising sales with the Non-fungible token “Super Mega Yacht Metaflower.” According to reports, the non-fungible token based on the video game The Sandbox was sold for about 149 Ethereums, making its way among the highest valued pieces of the decentralized universe.

The non-fungible piece, created by the metaverse programmers at Realm, was recently released, attracting thousands of decentralized gaming enthusiasts and NFTs fans.

Sandbox’s NFT was sold for $650,000


The Sandbox, one of the most famous decentralized video games on the market, needed an non-fungible token piece, and that’s where Super Mega Yacht Metaflower comes in. This piece was developed by Realm, a company that offers data solutions for over 13 different virtual universes, including The Sandbox.

The specifications show that the non-fungible token belongs to “The Fantasy Collection,” based on a decentralized video game. However, what characterizes the piece is that it shows the image of a yacht with a high valuation.

Among other details, the virtual yacht can reach about 10 thousand Bored chimpanzees, occupies a pool, jacuzzi, DJs, helipad, and an area to store boats. On a personal note, his programmers rename the yacht “a gem in the metaverse.” This auction started over six days ago and had a good presence among fans.

The NFT sale closed at 149 Ethereum which would correspond to $650,000.

The Sandbox ranks high among decentralized games

The decentralized video game metaverse has grown rapidly in the last year, with The Sandbox gaining the highest priority. Recently the non-fungible token game became one of the most valued among enthusiasts, leaving aside favorites like Plants vs. Undead and Axie Infinity.

Sandbox has collaborated with major brands such as Atari, Binance, Adidas, The Smurfs, DeadMau5, and Bored Ape Yacht Club. With Sandbox, data platforms such as Realm have been motivated to develop non-expendable collections such as “Fantasy Island” that mint 100 virtual islands.

This new virtual universe inspired by Sandbox has opened towards NFT auctions where several pieces have been sold, including the mega yacht. According to announcements from the crypto company, the non-fungible token piece opened with a valuation of 63.9 Ethereums, but in a few hours, it increased in price.

Not surprisingly, Ethereum’s price increased to over 6 percent in value in the last 24 hours. Ether breaks above $4,500 with an uptrend of 10.78 percent in the last seven days. The token could continue to increase in price as more NFT are sold on a large scale.

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