Samsung is investing millions in LATAM-focused metaverse projects


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  • Samsung is investing millions of dollars in LATAM-focused Metaverse projects.
  • The company is targeting a younger audience, specifically Gen Z.
  • In October, the company debuted its “House of Sam” experience in Decentraland metaverse.

Recently, one of the largest electronic businesses in the world, Samsung, has said that it would be spending more than $35million in metaverse projects that are targeted towards clients in the Latin America region.

This move is being made as part of the brand’s ongoing digital push and growth marketing plan, and its primary objective is to facilitate the brand’s ability to attract and interact with younger people in upcoming generations in this region.

Samsung is well-known for its constant efforts to foster innovative technological advancements. The objectives for Samsung Electronics’ recent VR push were detailed in an article published on December 20 by Anita Caerols, director of marketing and corporate citizenship for the firm in Chile. In her words:

At Samsung we believe that the metaverse is a concrete commitment to connect with young consumers. That is why we are investing more than US$35 million in initiatives that cover all of Latam.

Anita Caerols

Samsung targets Gen-Z

According to the electronics company, the Metaverse is only an additional means of connection for digital natives such as members of Generation Z, in addition to many others, such as social media. Generation Z is the most important demographic for the Metaverse precisely because of this reason.

Exploring worlds like Roblox, Fortnite, and most recently, Decentraland, is a means for Samsung to interact with and grow closer to this audience, who will also be the next enormous generation of customers. This audience will be the consumers of the future.

In spite of recent discussions regarding users of particular platforms, a study that was recently published by LinkedIn indicates that the various Metaverse platforms currently have an active audience of 400 million monthly users. Furthermore, as Samsung pointed out, 51% of these users are younger than 13 years of age.

In the world that the next generation will construct, there will unquestionably no longer be any walls that differentiate the virtual from the actual world. It is believed that there are several prospects for cooperative construction.

If a business needs to speak and connect with young audiences, prospect current and future potential consumers, and engage with new influencers, it is imperative that it be in the Metaverse starting now.


The enthusiasm of Millennials and even Boomers to discover the ultimate answer to the challenges of the Metaverse may have created the erroneous idea that completely immersive digital platforms are not a trend that is here to stay, according to Samsung, which has claimed that fully immersive digital platforms are not a fad, and they are here to stay.

Like their digital influencer, SAM, which is a center for brand and event innovation and is also the avatar depiction of the spirit of the Samsung brand; their island in Fortnite called the Samsung Smart City, where the business thinks that the connection with their customers is established via gamification; and, most recently, House of SAM in Decentraland.

Samsung is of the opinion that organic commitment to society will increasingly become a vital aspect of the process of unifying the communication and marketing strategies of large brands.

This involves identifying where these major brands’ customers are seeking value and addressing their wants and needs.

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Jai Hamid

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