Samsung Galaxy S24 Unveils AI Hidden Features


  • S24: Unveiling AI wallpapers and dual eSIM support.
  • S24 excels with 4K60 video and advanced camera features.
  • Samsung Find app streamlines device tracking for users.

Samsung’s recent unveiling of the Galaxy S24 series at Galaxy Unpacked left tech enthusiasts excited for the future of smartphones. While the event highlighted several key features, there are numerous hidden gems that Samsung didn’t have time to mention. 

Samsung Galaxy S24 AI-generated wallpapers

The Galaxy S24 series comes with a plethora of preloaded wallpapers. However, users can now create entirely new wallpapers using generative AI. By navigating to Settings > Wallpaper and style > Change wallpapers and selecting the “Generative” option, users can customize their wallpapers, changing parameters such as colors and objects.

Super HDR technology

Samsung introduces “Super HDR” technology, allowing users to preview, shoot, view, edit, and upload HDR photos to social media platforms. The S24 saves HDR photos in Google’s Ultra HDR format, ensuring compatibility with both SDR and HDR displays.

To enhance the viewing experience of HDR images on web browsers and social media, the Galaxy S24 supports SDR dimming. 

This feature lowers pixel intensities of SDR layers while maintaining high display brightness, preventing overexposure of Android’s UI.

Voice focus during calls

During phone calls, users can activate “voice focus” to filter out background noise, ensuring clear communication with the other party. This can be done by navigating to Quick Settings > mic mode and selecting “voice focus.”

Lock screen widgets

With One UI 6.1, the Galaxy S24 allows users to add widgets directly to the lock screen. By going to Settings > Wallpaper and style and tapping the lock screen image, users can add up to two widgets, including battery and weather widgets.

Adjustable always on display

One UI 6.1 introduces a feature that displays the phone’s lock screen wallpaper on the Always On Display (AOD). Users can toggle “Show Lock screen wallpaper” in Settings > Lock screen and AOD to return to a pure black background for a less bright AOD.

One UI 6.1 offers a hidden “photo ambient wallpaper” feature that overlays weather effects on the lock screen wallpaper based on current weather conditions. To use this feature, turn on “photo ambient wallpaper” in Settings > Advanced features > Labs and select “photo ambient” in Settings > Wallpaper and style > Change wallpapers.

Customize alarm background

Users can personalize their alarm clock by customizing the alarm background with their own photos or videos. Simply tap on any alarm to edit and scroll down to the “alarm background” option.

The Gallery app on the Galaxy S24 allows users to not only save, edit, and copy objects within photos but also drag and drop them into other images. Objects can be copied and pasted between images as well.

Camera sharing

Owners of recent Galaxy tablets can use their Galaxy S24’s camera as a webcam through the One UI 6.1 update. This feature requires both devices to have WiFi, Bluetooth, and camera sharing turned on.

In the Samsung Gallery app, users can make any video slow-motion by long-pressing it and editing the speed. One UI 6.1 allows for more precise control over video speed, with options ranging from 0.125X to 2X.

When recording at 4K60, the Galaxy S24 can seamlessly switch between all rear cameras, offering smoother transitions during video recording compared to the previous model.

Replacing Director’s View, the Galaxy S24 introduces Dual Rec mode, enabling users to record from two selected cameras simultaneously. This feature supports any combination of the three rear and lone selfie cameras at up to 4K30 resolution.

To prolong the phone’s battery life, users can enable the “battery protection” feature in Settings > Battery. This feature offers different charging modes, including “basic,” “adaptive,” and a mode that limits the charge to 80%.

Chromecast support

Samsung’s Smart View app now supports Google Cast in addition to Miracast. By enabling “Chromecast support” in Smart View settings, users can mirror their phone’s screen to devices that support Google Cast.

One UI 6.1 removes the ability to hide the gesture bar, which was present in the previous version. However, it introduces the option to long-press the gesture bar to invoke Google’s new Circle to Search feature.

LE audio broadcast

Users can initiate an LE Audio broadcast by going to Settings > Bluetooth and selecting “broadcast sound using Auracast.” This feature broadcasts audio to nearby devices supporting Bluetooth LE Audio and Auracast technology, such as Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 2 Pro.

The Galaxy S24 introduces “adaptive color tone,” which adjusts colors and white balance based on ambient lighting conditions. It uses the phone’s camera to determine ambient lighting color temperature, ensuring more natural colors in different environments.

Dual eSIM support

The Galaxy S24 supports dual eSIMs, allowing users to store and use two eSIM plans simultaneously. This feature is made possible by Multiple Enabled Profiles (MEP) technology.

Samsung has introduced a dedicated app called Samsung Find for tracking Galaxy devices on the SmartThings Find network. This app provides a map view of connected devices and helps users locate items with attached Galaxy SmartTag trackers.

Bixby UI upgrade

Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant receives a UI upgrade, bringing it closer to other voice assistants with a floating overlay. While Bixby may lack some features compared to other voice assistants, it remains a viable option, especially for those deeply integrated into the SmartThings ecosystem.

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