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The privacy-enhanced cryptotech infrastructure maker ‘Samourai Wallet’, has just announced that it has made its back end infrastructure open source. Samourai Dojo is the new privacy focused wallet that usually runs a Bitcoin Core aimed at offering all the users some enhanced sovereignty while making the crypto transactions. Before this, the servers needed all users to entrust their cryptocurrency public keys. With the new changes, it means that you can actually run or host your own Dojo server completely without having to go through Samourai.

Samourai Dojo is recommended for any user that wishes to use Samourai Wallet to transact with the highest possible secrecy you can find in the cryptos world today. Previously, Samourai Wallet simply gave users the ability to make use of privacy tools but all in exchange for their servers to be able to figure out information about your public key details. The downside with that was that users still felt that as much as their information is kept away from other users, the Samourai Servers would still have the ability to track you if they wished. With the outsourcing, you can now have your cake and eat it.

Easy installation and maintenance of a node back end

The app UI is user friendly and helps all who want to get their back end running without really having to be an experienced tech-nerd. It doesn’t even need bulky training manuals. All you need to do now is run their new automatic installation script. Once installed, the users will have maintenance tools that can be accessed through a Tor browser and a database that they can access in order to monitor their transactions and addresses. Other free and optional features include a bitcoin full node and API available in static or ephermal Tor hidden services.

Samourai has also given details about a partnership with Bitseed to produce ready to use hardware. People will be able to get high end full nodes that are ready-installed with Samourai Dojo. These are already in advanced production and will be in stores really soon.

New releases make it easy to use Samourai Wallet

There have been plenty of changes to the earlier Samourai Wallet UI. These mostly make the UI more user friendly and easier to navigate the different tools that it provides. They are also meant to make the users who joined the platform after the 1.0 release to “catch up” with the apps before the final releases are “out of the oven”. Only one final update remains but the designers say that it will be able to pair the Samourai wallet with the Samourai dojo before it morphs into a full release. 

In summary, the new developments will finally allow people to enjoy high end tools from Samourai Wallet with the full rights to bypass their servers. There are plenty of extendable goodies to be expected from future releases, promising you functionality and plenty of privacy.


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Isaac Ndegwa

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